Yashoda jayanti: Keep fast on this day and perform puja with pure ritual, any problem of child will be removed

Mother Yashoda’s birth anniversary is February 12. According to astrologers this day has special significance. Women who fast on Yashoda Jayanti get long life for their children. Never a problem with children. Offering food to girls at home and in temples on this day brings happiness and prosperity. Mangalik work is completed quickly.

Mother Yashoda is called Krishna’s foster mother. This birth festival is celebrated every year on the sixth tithi of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month. This tithi will start on February 11 at 9.05 am. The second day will end on February 12 at 9:47 am.

Udaya Tithi is given importance in traditional religion. According to Udaya Tithi, the festival of Yashoda Jayanti will be celebrated on February 12. Ravi Yoga is being prepared on Yashoda Jayanti. This yoga will remain throughout the day. Special attention should be paid to fasting on Yashoda Jayanti.

On this day take a bath in the morning and wear clean clothes and fast. Puja should be done by spreading red cloth. Placing an image of Krishna sitting on the lap of Mother Yashoda is considered more auspicious. There are rules to worship Maa Yashoda with red veil, vermilion, kumkum, flowers, tulsi, incense, lamp. Offer drink, banana, butter to Kanhaiya and Yashoda.

Lord Sri Krishna showered special blessings on devotees observing fast on Yashoda Jayanti. It is a religious belief that there is no danger to children if they worship the infant form of Mother Yashoda and Krishna on the day of Yashoda Jayanti. Lord Krishna himself protects the saint’s child. Children are happy. People of Vaishnava tradition celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm.

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