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Winter Health Care: Keep the body fit in winter, winter is the time to repair the body. But in the cold, many people are at this time. Also afraid to walk more. If you can keep your body active for at least half an hour a day, you will get rid of many ailments. Lay down on your back. Bend the right leg from the knee and bring it close to the chest and hold it while breathing. Multiply 10 by heart.

Winter Health Care Tips

Now, while exhaling, straighten your legs and take them back to their previous position. Now do the same with the left leg. Do it 10 times on each leg. You can do this with both feet. This is called Pabanmuktasana. Lie down on your back first. Now lift both hands and place them next to the ears.

Now while exhaling, sit up in this position, bend the waist and hold the toes with both hands. In your mind, lie down to breathe ten times again. Do this fifteen times. This is called sit-up. You can do this exercise while standing. Stand with your legs apart and your knees bent. Two hands will be attached to the body. Lay down the right hand on the head. Now slowly bend the waist and tilt the body to the left, as much as you can.

Now come to the previous position and straighten the left hand on the head, bend the waist slowly and bend the body to the right as much as you can. Do this once on the left, once on the right – at least fifteen times. This is called lateral bending.

Lay down on your back on the ground. Place both hands on both sides. Lift the legs as high as possible without breaking the knees, and lower again. Breathe while oiling, and release when unloading. Do this fifteen times. This is called Ukhit-padmasana.

You can also do some breathing exercises at any age, including pranayama.

How To Care In Winter

Special Winter Clothes

Special attire is a must for children and adults alike. Because they have a low resistance to anger, they can easily catch a cold. Before leaving the bed, the child should wear warm clothes, a sweater, a hat on the head, and socks on the feet. The elderly will also be careful. When going for a morning walk, you will wear a full-sleeve sweater sheet as well as an ear-covered hat and shoes.

Even if you go out in the evening, you should wear warm clothes. Wear light warm clothes for children at home, I want to keep my feet warm. Many people are allergic to wool, so instead of wool, they should wear cotton clothes. For those who are allergic to pillows and quilts, use synthetic pillowcases and blankets. Otherwise, sneezing and coughing will start the next night.

Eat Any Fruit In Winter (health care for winter season)

Many people eat a little more fruit to keep their bodies fit in winter. However, excluding the banana. Because playing banana or this time it takes more cold! There is no such thing as a special fruit in winter, you can eat all the fruits of your choice all year round. Apart from apples and grapes, you can eat guava, watermelon, orange, and pear. However, do not eat oranges in winter, it does not happen anymore. Oranges are rich in vitamin C and various minerals. Do not eat one kind of fruit every day and eat it mixed.

Exclude Yogurt And Banana In Cold Weather

Yogurt-banana, this winter! Many will be frightened. It will feel cold as soon as you play them. Sneezing-coughing-mucus will increase. But really so! First of all, yogurt and banana are very nutritious food. You can safely eat these all year round, if you do not have allergies to them, that is, if you do not feel uncomfortable eating. Everyone from one-year-old to one hundred years old can eat yogurt and banana without fear.

Remember, anything is cold because of its low temperature. So there is no question of getting cold without eating yogurt or banana from the fridge. Sabri, Mortman, Chapa, Singapore – all the bananas have more or less the same nutritional value, eat whatever you like. And eat yogurt white sour yogurt, not market red yogurt. Sour yogurt contains the essential bacterium Lactobacillus, which helps digestion, builds vitamin B complex in the intestines, enhances skin radiance, and maintains oral health or oral hygiene. So I want at least 200 grams of sour yogurt every day for winter food.

Do Not Eat Rice Bread In Winter

Rice twice in winter! Many will be frightened. Rice will accumulate juice in the body, there will be arthritis, body will pain, and sleep. Rather, this time the bread is better. But many believe so. But both rice and bread are the main food but carbohydrates. Rice contains 75 to 80 percent and wheat flour contains 61.4 percent carbohydrates. Rice contains 8% protein, wheat flour 12%, and both contain nominal fat. In addition to the vitamin B complex, both types of minerals are more or less present in both. In terms of energy, rice and bread are close.

Rice contains 345 percent calories and wheat flour contains 341 calories. So where is the difference? There is a slight difference. Rice contains about half the protein of bread and does not contain fiber. In bread made from flour. That is why rice is easily digestible and nutritious. On the other hand, the protein in flour, called gluten, is digested. A little problem. Due to the fact that our digestive capacity is reduced due to illness, easily digestible rice or bread is given instead of flour bread. However, the fiber in flour bread relieves our constipation.

After eating rice, many people get body aches, rice gets to sleep. In fact, the carbohydrates in rice are slightly fermented during digestion, so this is what happens. When you eat rice, your body accumulates juice, and your hands and feet swell, these words are not true. The lion’s share of any food is water, which is the body takes time.

If you want to make rice from rice, you have to boil the rice, so along with various vitamins and mineral salts, some water also enters the rice. Rice never causes arthritis. Rice in the winter afternoon, bread in the night – continue like this.

Winter Vegetables (Winter Health Care)

Plenty of vegetables match in the winter market. Cabbage, cauliflower, carrot beets, beans, lentils, tomatoes, radishes. In addition, year-round potatoes, papaya, pumpkin, pumpkin, capsicum — are there. Vegetables include spinach, fenugreek, nutmeg, Sajna, lettuce, each of which is more or less nutritious. Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as Leah, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Selenium, etc. Moreover, vegetables provide nutrients to the body, but the calories increase slightly.

Winter Tips: Winter Vegetables

These have fibers as they are a national substance, they relieve constipation and even vegetables play an important role in preventing cancer. Nutritionists recommend eating at least 100 grams of vegetables per day for adults. In winter, cauliflower, spinach, cheese or carrots, Peas, cucumber, onion salad, and tiffin with oil and raw radish – tell me how it will freeze.

Is it better to do the operation in winter?

Many people prefer to have surgery in winter. Especially in chronic cases. Couples who want children according to plan, also like this winter. There must be a reason behind this. The main argument is that in hot weather there is shortness of breath, and sweating is intense, and in winter it is not. As a result, the stress of the operation can be easily tolerated Wrapping with plaster or bandage does not cause discomfort in sweating.

As the weather is dry, it is beneficial to dry the wound. Dehydration is not seen in the body. As fresh vegetables and herbs are available in the market, various delicacies can be prepared for ragi in winter. However, not all operations are planned. Surgery may be required at any time of the year. To do. Never leave an emergency operation for the winter. Moreover, most private hospitals or nursing homes are now air-conditioned, so in the summer rainy season. Not supposed to be a problem.

Winter Tips: Tea, Not Coffee In This Cold

Both can go on. Who likes such? If you have three to four cups of tea a day 400 to 500 ml per day in 125 ml per cup. And if you have coffee, two cups a day, that is, not more than 250 ml. Both tea and coffee contain nerve-stimulating caffeine. Each cup contains 30 to 60 mg. In the cold, therefore, after drinking tea or coffee, the fatigue disappears in an instant. About 100 mg per cup of coffee caffeine is present, so it is better not to eat too much. Asthma sufferers should occasionally drink warm tea to keep the mucus liquid theophylline.

One cup of tea contains only 69 calories. Tea, especially green tea, also has a role in fighting cancer, scientists say. It is better not to eat tea with any other food as it prevents eating. Make a habit of drinking tea without biscuits. Lemon tea, milk tea, liqueur tea – whatever you like and sleep on the body, eat it. However, not more than four cups a day. One more thing, don’t drink tea in a plastic cup. If the plastic melts and enters the body day after day, it can lead to major diseases in the future. If you want to have tea on the street, eat it in a paper cup, if possible in a clay pot.

Do not drink less water (Winter Health Care)

Many people lose their desire to drink water in winter. As the throat dries up in summer, the body tells itself that it needs water, which does not happen in winter. That is why I drink less water in winter which brings various diseases. Age and type of work every day for healthy living according to the specific outcome of each of us needs water. The foods we consume also contain a lot of water, such as milk 8%, eggs 75%, vegetables and fruits 60 to 90%, rice and wheat 1 to 5%, rice 80 to 90%, meat 40% Share, etc.

Our body needs about two and a half liters of water a day. We drink one to one and a half liters. According to 600 ml from different foods. 200 to 300 ml is made from various metabolic actions. Again, about two and a half liters of water are out of the body in various ways. Through urine about one and a half liters, 500 to 600 ml through sweat. 400 ml with inhalation, 100 ml with stool, i.e. about two and a half liters.

Metabolism is the production of contaminants in the body the water that carries to our kidneys. The kidneys act as filters, expelling various contaminants from the body.

If you drink less water in winter, these activities will be fine, as a result of which various polluted wastes will remain in the blood. There will be many disasters. We also need a certain amount of water for proper digestion. If less water enters the body, digestion will be disrupted and constipation will occur.

The throat will be dry again and again, and the skin of the body will be rough. Due to the low temperature in winter, it is very cold to drink water, especially at night. Eat the water a little hot, then it will be more difficult. Fill the flax with hot water at night, especially for those who have chest pains. An adult should drink at least one and a half liters of water in winter. If not, the kidneys will be damaged.

Chavanprash or a special tonic in winter (Winter Health Care)

Many people who have a little mucus, especially the elderly, eat chewing gum, water berries compound, special cough tonic, etc. at this time. Chewing gum contains various herbal ingredients to dilute mucus. For those who are prone to bronchitis, chewing gum is good.

However, chewing gum made from pure ingredients does not match nowadays, and the price at which it is bought is much lower. Allopathic medicines are available in the market for keeping mucus liquid at a good price. The same goes for water berries compounds or other special tonics.

There is no harm in playing, there is no harm in not playing. There is more peace of mind than physical peace. Moreover, the real disease but it is not completely cured. Instead, you can continue with the original treatment and eat with them.

Cold in the winter (Winter Health Care)

Arthritis sufferers, however, suffer greatly in winter, as do asthmatic sufferers. Different types of changes occur in the joints of different bones in our body due to different reasons. These include inflammation and bacterial infections. There are also changes in bone loss. These changes in the joint cavity are called arthritis. In winter arthritis certainly leads. Walking is less responsible for this. However, at this time, if you are careful about a few things, arthritis can be overcome. Avoid very cold and damp environments.

Walk a little later in the day without walking too early in the morning, at least half an hour. Eating more eggs, butter, ghee, and goat meat increase arthritis pain. In case of severe pain, check the level of uric acid and sugar in the blood. Do not use too high or too soft pillows on high pillows.

Do not stay in an air-conditioned room for long periods of time do not work for long periods of time. There should be an adjustment in the height of the table and chair. Sit in a chair with your spine straight. Do not keep an eye on your mobile, laptop, or TV screen continuously.

Carry the weight in your hand without carrying it on your neck. There is no chance of arthritis if the matte weight is divided into two parts. When lifting something heavy with one hand, bend the knee first without breaking the waist directly, then lift. Women will work standing in the kitchen.

Do not lean repeatedly while working. The height of the kitchen basin should be up to the waist of the woman. In winter, do general seating according to Pabanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Padmasana, and Dhanurasana. There will be relief from back pain, and tingling in the neck, and tingling in the back. Adults can’t do anything else, walk for at least half an hour every day.

When To Walk, Morning Or Evening (Winter Health Care)

Most people like the Morning Walk. But in winter mornings the temperature is very low. If you have to go out, wear a muffler around your neck, a monkey cap on your head, warm clothes on your body, and shoes on your feet. Do not go out for a walk on an empty stomach. Eat at least two biscuits with a little tea and go for a walk. However, at this time it is better to walk from morning to afternoon or evening. Scientists have said the same thing.

Because as a result of sleeping all night in the morning. On the other hand, our blood pressure is very low, our pulse rate is low, and all the muscles of the body are relaxed enough at this time. Sometimes it is better not to strain too much. The ideal time to travel is from 4 pm to 5 pm when the body is normal.

Now find out how long you will walk continuously. 15 minutes on the first day, 60 minutes to increase. No, nevermore. Do not walk fast at first. Slowly increase the speed. 60 minutes, 120 feet to increase. Walking 2 to 3 km per hour in one hour will be enough to walk, and calories will be lost according to about one hundred and three.

If there is shortness of breath while walking, chest pain, or excessive sweating – stop walking and rest somewhere and return home to consult a doctor. Remember, heart attacks are more common in winter.

Tonsils are bad this winter (Winter Health Care)

People with tonsillitis are more likely to have a sore throat at this time. Get in trouble. Drink every year, but do not want to operate on anything. Tonsils are a group of lymph nodes, or lymphoid tissues, inside our mouth, on the back of the tongue, and on both sides of the throat, which are called tonsillar lumps.

We usually mistakenly call it tonsillitis when the throat gland swells below the jaw. But the position of the tonsils is inside the throat, not outside. In fact, inflammation of the tonsils often causes the glands to swell, which is a mistake. Inflammation of the tonsils is called tonsillitis.

It can cause various types of bacterial infections For Cockroaches, bacilli, viruses, and fungi — all attack the tonsils. However, about 30 percent of tonsillitis is caused by a bacterium called beta-hemolytic streptococcus. Then there is Staphylococcus. Virus infections are more likely to be from the adenoma virus.

There are two types of tonsillitis – acute or short-term and chronic. Symptoms of tonsillitis include sore throat, cough, dry throat, sore throat, loss of appetite, bad breath, low or high fever, and swollen glands in the throat. Recurrent infections can lead to some physical complications. Such as headache, fatigue, irritable mood, lack of concentration, joint pain, nerve weakness, kidney problems, difficulty in swallowing children’s food, change in throat tone, etc. If it is not reduced with medicine, a tonsil operation should be considered.

Sore Throat When Performing Tonsillectomy (Winter Health Care)

Although there is no objection to other operations in winter, everyone backs down when it comes to tonsil surgery. Because, after this operation, the tone of voice changes, many of them may be completely lost. But these ideas are completely wrong. Our tone of voice and tone varies depending on the ability of the lungs to contract, the amount of air in the trachea, the vibrational capacity of the vocal cords, and the various respirators of the airways such as the alveoli, tongue, pharynx, lips, teeth, sinuses, etc. The tonsils have no direct role in tone formation. So no matter what the tonsils are, it doesn’t matter what the tone of voice is.

On the contrary, if rotten tonsils are kept in the throat for a long time, various complications can occur. One of them is chronic laryngitis or chronic laryngitis. And as a result, the tone of voice began to deteriorate. After this worsening, many were forced to undergo long-term septic tonsil surgery.

After the omission of other complications, the tone of voice, which has already deteriorated, does not return to its original meaning. And then the blame falls on the neck of the operation and the surgeon. Therefore, if the diseased tonsils are kept in the throat for a long time, the tone of the throat is lost, but if it is left out, it is not lost. Rather it is better. You can choose this winter for tonsil surgery.

In the sixth operation, there is no fight outside, the operation is done with a yes. Present recovered a day later and returned home.

Go For A Walk In Winter (Winter Health Care)

Whose head is hot to hear such a wrong question? The speed has come, and I will not go for a walk. But this question is revolving in the minds of many. If not really. If the third wave comes, then there will be no question of wandering What is the need to take more risk? Rent a four-wheeler somewhere within a distance of three to five hours within the state. If you take a little more risk, you can visit Dwars or Darjeeling. However, it is better to take two courses on the covid vaccine.

Health Care For Winter Season

Never open the mask in a public place. Bring hotel food to the room. Do not use the swimming pool. Another important thing is to take the medicines you take every day, such as blood pressure medications, sugar medications, or anything else. For those who have difficulty breathing, be sure to keep an inhaler with you. It is better to take it with portable oxygen.

Take some other necessary medicines with you. Such as paracetamol for fever, metronidazole for stomach ailments, anti-allergic pills for sneezing and coughing, nasal drops, ibuprofen pills for pain, antiseptic ointment, bandages, etc. If you go to the winter country, you must take the necessary winter clothes. Satkahan of winter heard it. He also got answers to many questions. Then what else? Enjoy the winter.


What should you try to avoid while outside in the cold?

Be prepared to take emergency shelter. Pack dry clothing, a two-way radio, waterproof matches, and paraffin fire starters with you. Do not use alcohol and other mood-altering substances, and avoid caffeinated drinks. Avoid walking on ice or getting wet.

How do you exercise in the winter?

Walking and Running.

What is cold sweating?

“Cold sweats” refers to sudden sweating that doesn’t come from heat or exertion. The medical term for cold sweats is diaphoresis. It comes from the body’s response to stress, called the fight or flight response. It’s very important to recognize cold sweats when providing first aid.

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