WHO warns of deadly ‘Marburg’ virus, 9 people died of infection in Guinea

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned about the ‘Marburg’ virus. This virus is reported to be contagious like the ‘Ebola’ virus. WHO has warned that ‘Marburg’ infection can cause death. The World Health Organization has confirmed the existence of the ‘Marburg’ virus in the Guinea region of West Africa. It has been reported that 9 people have died due to this virus. WHO experts estimate that 16 suspects may have this germ in their bodies. A blood sample sent to a laboratory in Senegal was found to contain ‘Marburg’.

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The existence of the ‘Marburg’ virus has created panic in Guinea. WHO’s regional head for Africa, Matshidiso Moeti, has ordered the country’s government to take the necessary steps to contain the infection. At the same time, the WHO official emphasized on making the people of Guinea aware of this virus. Like ‘Ebola’, the ‘Marburg’ virus originated in bats. The virus spreads from person to person through close contact with an infected person. ‘Marburg’ can be fatal for 88 percent of people, say experts.

What is the ‘Marburg’ virus?
Once ‘Marburg’ virus infects the body, it can become fatal. Bleeding with fever. Up to 88 percent of the total infected can die from this virus.

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