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When Will The World End: What a meteorite is going to collide with the earth in a few years, about which scientists are not telling us. This is not the only reason why the earth could be destroyed, the human race is preparing to move to another planet to save it. The existence of human beings on earth has been around for three and a half crore years but how long will this earth continue like this? When will the End Of The World?

When Will The World End - End Of The World 5 Best Causes

Today we will discuss these five things from which the world is most prone to destruction.

When Will The World End / List of apocalyptic

The First Causes End Of The World Is A Blackhole

Black Hole One of the most dangerous things in space, the science behind the creation of black holes says that the reason for the creation of black holes is that when a star reaches the point of its destruction, a black hole is created. Then everything around the end starts to attract itself, nothing can escape from its attraction. Even the lights can’t get out after getting inside.

Black Hole One of the most dangerous things in space

Now the fear may come to your mind that what desperation can ever attract the world?

Scientists never said yes to the answer!

An Italian scientist of 2018 claims that a black hole can destroy the whole earth, this scientist claims that after many thousands of years a black hole will leave our solar system. If this were the case, then it could be that the Earth would be destroyed because of this black hole, in addition to just this quality of the black hole, it also produces a lot of gamma rays from which everything in the vicinity can be incinerated. And if it comes back to earth, the earth could be destroyed and this is the Causes the end of the world.

Nuclear War Is Said To Be The Second Cause Of The Destruction Of The Earth

Causes End Of The World: One of the main reasons for the destruction of the world could be a nuclear war because often one or the other country threatens nuclear war to destroy each other, scientists say the atomic bomb is so powerful that a country can be destroyed within 10 seconds of dropping it. The area where it will be thrown will continue to burn like a volcano. According to scientists, it will produce so much dust that the whole sky will be darkened so that sunlight will not reach the earth, and this darkness will remain for many years.

Nuclear War Is Said To Be The Second Cause Of The Destruction Of The Earth

As the sun’s light does not reach the earth, the earth’s temperature will suddenly drop and oxygen will continue to decrease. This will create a situation similar to the origin of the atomic cold, also the radiation of the atomic bomb is so high that it will die as soon as it comes in contact and its effects will last for many years And End Of The World. The effects of the bombs dropped by the US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan are still being felt, resulting in a new generation being born crippled and sick.

The Third Causes End Of The World Is Meteorites

Large Rocks in space revolve around the sun, and some of them occasionally enter the earth’s atmosphere. According to scientists, after one hundred and twenty thousand years, some meteors began to fall on the earth, which completely destroyed the earth and created a new civilization. According to scientists, if such a large meteorite landed on Earth today, the consequences would be terrible.

This is because the dust and soil will continue to fly so that the light of the sun will reach the earth for many months, as a result of which there will be nothing to eat on the earth and people will die prematurely. NASA said in 2011 that they had studied over 90% of objects in space that was larger than a kilometer and that none of them were likely to collide with Earth. Yet there are still many things we do not know about these things. According to scientists, if a meteor really hits the earth, we will not be able to LUNCH any rocket in this short time.

The Fourth Causes the End Of The World Is the Collision Between Two Planets

When Will The World End: Four and a half billion years ago a planet collided with the earth and as a result, the moon was formed, but what if today a planet comes and collides with the earth? If a planet really came forward to destroy the earth, the moon would be destroyed by its gravitational force. All radios and televisions will be shut down because the gravitational force of another planet will cause all satellites to go beyond the gravitational force of the earth.

Collision Between Two Planets

As another planet approaches, its orbit could enter the Earth’s atmosphere, which is made up of billions of buffalo and rock fragments, causing a rain of fire to begin to fall on the Earth. That would be awesome. This will cause all the volcanoes to become active and by the end of the year, the gravitational force of the two planets will have increased so much that the earth will no longer be able to withstand and break into pieces And End Of The World.

The Fifth Causes End Of The World Is Technology Growth 

Reason Is Technology Growth 

When Will The World End: The pace of technology growth has doubled in the last decade, resulting in the rapid growth of technology with the fear of it going out of control. A robot can write a whole article for a Beaten newspaper, in which he also says, “Believe me, I have no interest in killing people.” According to scientists, by 2050, artificial intelligence will be more intelligent than humans. If artificial intelligence becomes so much more intelligent, it could be that they can build an army of their own and declare war on humans.

Artificial intelligence will only worsen if they fall into the wrong hands, said Elon Musk, the 2017 Tesla company owner. “If you’re not worried about artificial intelligence, it’s time to think about it.” It’s even worse than North Korea.


Q. What asteroid is most likely to hit Earth?

A. the single highest probability impact currently listed is ~7 m asteroid 2010 RF12, which is due to pass Earth in September 2095 with only a 5% predicted chance of impacting.

Q. What two things can happen if two planets collide?

A. When they smash together, they create a single, larger planet, but with a cloud of debris that coalesces to form one nearby, large satellite and up to several smaller, more distant satellites.

Q. How far away is safe from a nuclear blast?

A. Those closest to the bomb would face death, while anyone up to 5 miles away could suffer third-degree burns. People up to 53 miles away could experience temporary blindness. But a longer-term threat would come in the minutes and hours after that explosion.

Q. Can black holes swallow Earth?

A. Absolutely not.

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