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What is TRP – Which is your favorite serial? Or which news channel do you like to watch? It is very important for any TV channel or serial. Usually, we keep watching many serials for our entertainment. Many serials keep making episode upon episode continuously for many years. And there are many news channels with which the public remains connected. If you are very fond of watching television, then you must have heard the term TRP rating at one time or another. It is as important for all of us to know what is this TRP rating and what is its difference on a TV channel, as watching a TV channel diligently for many hours.

What Is TRP? The Full Form, Highlights, Measured

Today we are going to give you complete information about TRP. In today’s article, you will know what is TRP rating. And what is the effect of a TRP rating on the channel? Along with this, the list of top TRP channels, and serials will also be given in this article. For all the information related to TRP, definitely read the article completely.

What is TRP Rating?

How popular a channel or serial is, you can easily understand from the TRP rating of that channel. The TRP of any channel or program is not less than any backbone for that channel or program. You must have heard that what you see is what sells, that is, which channel or program people give more time on or which channel is watched by more people, it plays an important role in the TRP rating of that program or channel.

The higher the TRP, the higher will be the income of that channel. Channels with high TRP will be given more advertisements and high TRP channels also earn through these advertisements. Therefore, special attention is paid to all the channels to increase their TRP rating as much as possible.

What are TRP Highlights

ArticleWhat is TRP in Hindi
Full Form Of TRPTelevision rating point
Tool by which TRP is measuredPeople Meter
Establishment of BARC2010
Headquarters of BARCMumbai
Current year2022
What are TRP Highlights

What is the full form of tRP?

What is the full form of tRP?

Full Form Of TRP: TRP is used to measure how long a channel or a show is watched by people and how many people are watching that channel. We can understand that the TRP meter does the work of measuring the reach of a TV channel to the people or how popular that channel is. The full form of TRP is Television Rating Point.

  • T – where T stands for Television
  • R – where R stands for Rating
  • P – where P means point

TRP Rating as Measured (TRP)

How is the TRP rating of a channel or program measured? It is necessary for you to know this. How much TRP of a channel is measured by an organization BROADCAST AUDIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL INDIA (BARC). A black-colored machine by BARC known as People Meter is installed in the setup boxes of some homes in special places. This People Meter is installed in different areas, in which urban and rural areas as well as households of different age groups and different states are installed in order to collect data on television rating points in every way.

‘TRP’ is calculated in these two ways

TRP' is calculated in these two ways

The TRP of a program is measured in two ways. In this, first of all, it is seen how many people are watching that channel and for how long that channel or program has been seen by those people. For example, you can understand a channel named A and another channel named B. Which channel will have a higher TRP of these two channels will depend on the number of people watching these channels and the time taken by those people to watch the channel. You can easily understand from the table given below –

Channel nameViewDuration TRP

Channel A has been viewed by 50 people and it has been seen for only 2 minutes while on the other hand, you will see that channel B was watched by 10 people but it has been seen for a longer time of 40 minutes. Accordingly, the TRP of channel B will be higher.

Top 5 Serials On TRP Rating Week-27

Star Plus channel’s Anupama serial is on the top with a 3.0 TRP rating. Whereas, Colors TV’s Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 12 is in the second position with a TRP rating of 2.5.

Top 5 Serials On TRP Rating Week-27
Top 5 TV Channels On TRP Rating Week-27
Top 5 TV Channels On TRP Rating Week-27
TOP 5 Kids Channels week-27
TOP 5 Kids Channels week-27

What is a TRP rating scam?

Many television channels want to increase their TRP, for this, they buy TRP for their channel by paying money to the officials. Because even the channels with high TRP ratings are paid by the advertising companies to show their advertisements and a substantial amount is charged by the advertising companies for showing these advertisements by the channels. If the TRP of a TV channel is high then its earnings will also be high and advertising companies will also offer it to show their advertisements.

There have been allegations from time to time on many TV channels of buying TRP. TRP shopping has also become a common thing in today’s time. Because having more TRP will earn more and every channel is therefore making every effort to increase their TRP.

The higher the TRP, the more money

TRP is as important for every channel as its vote for a leader, so every channel has been making every effort to increase its TRP. If the TRP of a channel is high, then it gets many advertisements, while the advertising company avoids giving its advertisements to the low-rating channel.

How much a serial or a news show in a channel attracts the audience or how long that serial or news keeps people engaged with it, it directly affects the TRP of that channel. Many times, unnecessary issues are raised by news channels to increase their TRP rating so that their TRP rating can increase.

BARC tells TV ratings

A new system was introduced in the year 2010 to find out what number a channel is in TRP. Before 2010, questions were raised on the credibility of the company by which the TRP figures were released. After this, a new organization was formed under the guidelines of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, the name of this organization is BARC (BROADCAST AUDIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL). It is the single largest agency to measure TRP in India.

Broadcast Audience Research Council consists of representatives of channels and advertisements. It is the largest and only agency in India. BARC has installed 44,000 barometers across the country to find out the ratings of channels. These barometers are installed in different areas of different states. With audio watermarking technology, BARC finds out how long a person has been watching a channel.


What is the full name of TRP?

The full name of TRP is Television Rating Point.

TRP is measured by which organization in India?

TRP is measured by BARC.

What is the full form of BARC?


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