What Is Treatment For Knee Pain? Remedy, Symptoms, 8 Best Exercise

What Is Treatment For Knee Pain: In today’s society, the number of arthritis patients is slowly increasing. There are several reasons behind this. But before you know it, what is arthritis? The simple answer is that if there is chronic or prolonged pain in any part of the body, it is called arthritis. Now the question may arise, how long does ‘long’ mean?

What Is Treatment For Knee Pain

The answer is that if the pain persists for at least three months or more, we can call it arthritis. Arthritis can occur in different parts of the body. However, arthritis is usually seen on the neck, waist, and knees.

knee pain young age (Knee Pain For No Reason)

There is a common belief that arthritis only affects the elderly. This is completely wrong. Now the number of rheumatoid arthritis among young men and women has increased more than before. Arthritis can be caused by various inflammatory diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis, for example, can lead to arthritis from ankylosing spondylosis. In such cases, the pain may subside after a couple of months but may return. Rheumatoid arthritis can also be seen on the knuckles. In the absence of treatment, there is a risk of developing this type of arthritis in other joints of the body. On the other hand, in adult males, ankylosing spondylosis is more common.

Symptoms Of Knee Arthritis

This time I will talk about knee arthritis. Our knees have a membrane called articular cartilage. This screen is very smooth. One of the functions of this cartilage is to protect the two joints from frictional injuries. As a result, if you walk

Osteoarthritis treatment

We do not feel any pain. But it has been observed that after 40 years, this cartilage begins to erode slowly. As a result, pain is felt while walking, and arthritis occurs in the knee. In the language of science, this problem is called osteoarthritis. This time if the pain starts in the knee then that condition is called osteoarthritis. Symptoms may include swelling of the knee with pain in the knee, redness, or heat from the outside of the knee.

Osteoporosis Is An Easy Way To Get Rid Of It

If he is diagnosed with osteoarthritis at an early stage, he can be protected from osteoarthritis. A simple home test can be done to rule out osteoporosis in the knee. Suppose you are sitting for a long time (at least 10 to 15 minutes) but there is no pain. This time the pain started when he got up. In this case, it should be understood that osteoporosis has started in the knee of that person.

Arthritis Test

When this happens to us, we usually let Ragi do a few tests. Such as standing androsterone radiographs and lateral radiographs. These two radiographs give a better picture of the position of the two knee joints (the part between the femur and the tibia). It can be seen that one part of the outer and inner part is reduced and the other part is better. Simply put, the space between two bones is not equal. Especially, in this case, it is seen that the space inside has been reduced. As soon as it is caught, the angry person has to be careful.

In this case, with the advice of a doctor, he can be saved from the great danger of arthritis. However, in many cases, having time does not make you angry. When they come to us, it is seen that arthritis has already started in their knees.

Exercise For Knee Arthritis (Treatment For Knee Pain)

It is possible to keep arthritis away by increasing muscle strength through some simple exercises at the stage of atherosclerosis. Because when you sit like that, severe pain starts in the knee. I also recommend increasing the fitness of the body. Now the question is who will have osteoarthritis or who will not? This question is simple.

The answer is that the more fit he is, the sooner arthritis will settle in his body. So bodyweight before preventing arthritis. To control. Exercise can increase muscle strength on both sides of the knee. As a result, the muscles in that part can carry a lot of bodyweight instead of bones. As a result, the pressure on the joints is much less. Let’s keep an eye on some exercises.

Exercise 1: Lying on the bed, fold the towel under the knees, and press the towel hard. At the same time, if the legs are pulled towards the body, it should be counted from 1 to 20. This exercise can strengthen the quadriceps muscles. There are many benefits to doing this exercise 10 times per hour.

Exercise 2 – Sit in a chair and move your legs forward from below the knees. In addition, the legs should be pulled towards the chair. As a result, Thai muscles are under pressure. 1 to 20 must be counted. Then you have to lower your legs. Thus, as long as there is no pain in the knee, exercise should be done. In addition to these, if you can exercise, jog or walk regularly, you can get rid of knee arthritis.

The Importance Of Sunlight

Let me tell you one more piece of information in this context. Sunlight makes vitamin D in our bodies. This vitamin helps to strengthen bones. So by the rules, if you can walk a little in Raed, then it is very beneficial. If you can walk 20 to 30 minutes in the morning between 10 am and 3 pm, then the benefits are much greater.

Danger If You Do Not Walk

Even if you don’t walk too much, arthritis can occur. That is why mothers and daughters often get angry at home. This is because, from the age of 40 onwards, their body produces less estrogen hormone from the perimenopause stage. Estrogen plays a major role in keeping the body’s bones strong. On the other hand, in the case of men, after the age of 50, the hormone testosterone decreases in the body.

As a result, osteoporosis of the body begins. So from this time on, arthritis started appearing in the body of men. People who work long hours at the office desk can also be affected by this anger. Also, people with recurrent knee injuries (athletes, workers) can get arthritis.

What Is Treatment For Knee Pain

Medications can treat osteoarthritis. The use of these drugs can ensure the protection of the cartilage of the knee. We also recommend taking vitamin D tablets for those who are unable to walk. To increase the strength of the bones, I tell them to eat more dairy foods or soybean pulses. As a result, the body maintains the balance of estrogen hormone in women.

I see a lot of angry people wearing belts on their knees year after year. Because they say that if you don’t wear a belt on your knees, you can’t walk. Belts are given for a while to reduce pain. Keep in mind that wearing a belt for a long time will weaken the knee muscles forever. Then the dependence on the anger belt will increase a lot. Because then the pain will increase as soon as the belt is opened.

For those who are not able to reduce the pain in any way, we put them in bed for two to three weeks and give them traction in the legs. Then they were told to walk. Besides, Exercise and medicines to increase muscle strength are also given.

If it is not beneficial then the injection is given to the knee of the patient. At one-time steroid injections were given to reduce knee arthritis. The effects of such injections do not last long.

In addition, giving steroids can cause damage to the joints. So we don’t give steroids to rage unless it is needed. But now better drugs have come on the market. Now, in the advanced stage, viscosupplementation is given on the knee of the patient. This allows the juice to enter the knee so that the cartilage stays healthy. Friction is much less.

The duration of viscosupplementation is three to six months. Adherence to physiotherapy and other counseling during this time can reduce the pain for a long time. Now the question is, what should be done if one’s arthritis does not subside even after this? Then there is no way out without knee surgery. In this case, a joint replacement of Ragi’s knee is done.

Be Careful To Have Time

In the above discussion, you have come to understand that if you are careful to have time, it is possible to point the finger at the arthritis of the knee. If you are sick, follow the doctor’s advice. Then you will see that arthritis is not a problem anymore. Stay healthy be careful.


Q. How can I stop knee pain?

A. Don’t skip the exercise, even if you have a structural problem. Whether you’re active or not, stretching is good for the knees. Losing weight can improve knee pain. Wearing the proper shoes is important for healthy knees. Stand up straight to feel better.

Q. What is the most painful knee injury?

A. Quadruple Knee-Ligament Injury.

Q. Is Climbing stairs bad for knees?

A. Climbing and descending stairs are particularly difficult for people with knee arthritis.

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