What Is Stuttering? Causes, Best Home Remedies, Stuttering Practice Sentences

What Is Stuttering: Slurred speech or slight stuttering in young children is nothing new. When a child learns to speak, there are many words that the child cannot or cannot pronounce correctly, but this is quite normal. It is a cause for concern if this speech retention problem persists as the child grows.

Because if this stuttering is not removed from children at the right time, the children develop an inferiority complex, resulting in the children stop talking openly with someone or telling their thoughts to someone, and suddenly feeling hesitant to speak in front of people. by doing After a while this stuttering becomes a problem for the child. However, this is not the case, as children grow older without treatment.

What Is Stuttering

But many times due to the lack of proper attention from parents in childhood, it remains until adulthood, which creates an uncomfortable situation later on. In this case, the person suffering from the problem of stuttering should gain comfort and confidence and eliminate this problem himself through various speech therapies. Let us know from today’s article how we can solve this stuttering problem at home.

What is stuttering?

We describe stuttering as a speech problem. Those who have a little slurred speech or get stuck while speaking, due to excessive excitement or excessive thinking have to stop between speaking while speaking and even have to repeat the words or repeat words, this is basically the problem of stuttering. People who suffer from stuttering problems may sometimes utter long words. Because their vocal folds expand so much when they speak that the air that flows while speaking can be blocked, making the sound inaudible. As a result, the speech gets stuck.

stuttering problem

This stuttering can be of a mild type, but sometimes it can take a severe form. But when it reaches the extreme stage it becomes a fatal disorder. In this case, the affected person cannot talk to anyone properly. Different people may have different symptoms of stuttering. In some cases, it is seen that up to a certain period of time he speaks well, in this case, there is no way to tell that he stutters, but after a certain period of time, he has problems with pronunciation. Basically, all these people have this problem when they speak in a hurry. But if you speak slowly there is no difficulty in speaking.

Many people speak in such an extended manner that it is not clear to them that they are suffering from stuttering problems, but those who are more prone to stuttering have been found to refrain from speaking in public or have a stuttering appearance. This is a normal thing when children are learning to speak. Because in the beginning, children cannot do all pronunciations correctly. Getting stuck trying to pronounce them. Studies have shown that stuttering is a common problem in children, which decreases with age.

But research shows that the problem starts from childhood, it is mainly seen in children between two and four years of age, in that case, if parents notice the issue, it can be cured at the beginning. Because later on, this can have a negative impact on the child’s personal life, pushing him away from society. Even this stuttering can affect him mentally. People with stuttering tend to avoid meeting people in social settings. They lack confidence in any work. Because they cannot properly understand his words. (1)

Causes of stuttering (What Is Stuttering)

The nature of stuttering mainly starts in childhood. Stuttering first appears between the ages of two and five years. But there are several reasons behind this stuttering, know about them – (2)

  1. Developmental – It is common to see signs of stuttering in young children. But when this habit persists with age, it causes problems. According to scientists, this problem occurs when children are unable to speak correctly, or when a child learns to speak and the people around him misunderstand his way of speaking.
  1. Hereditary – Stuttering can also be hereditary in some individuals. Basically, if the father or mother or someone else in the family has this stuttering problem, it is seen in children.
  2. Brain injury – Sometimes a person with a severe brain injury or stroke may have trouble speaking. So if a healthy person is suddenly unable to speak, definitely contact the doctor.
  1. Psychogenic – In some cases, children may have speech problems due to improper brain development. In many cases, stuttering persists into adulthood, especially in people who have suffered from malnutrition or disease since childhood.

Basically, the stuttering problem is caused by these factors. In addition to this, many people stutter when speaking too quickly or because they are too nervous or shy, self-conscious, insecure, tense, etc.

Signs of stuttering (What Is Stuttering)

Let’s learn about the symptoms of stuttering. Take precautions if you see these symptoms early in children. This problem arises in the childhood of children. Things to keep in mind in this case -(3)

  • Repeating sounds beginning with k, g, and t over and over again.
  • Long talk starting with s, sh, as.
  • Stopping or refraining from speaking with sudden hesitancy in speaking.
  • Speaking slowly or in a stammering manner.
  • Feeling stressed and depressed when speaking.
  • Sometimes opening the mouth to speak but not being able to articulate anything.
  • Shortness of breath and trembling of the lips when speakingAfraid to speak.
  • Rapid blinking of eyelids while talking.
  • Shaking of other parts of the body, including the head, while talking.
  • Shaking of the jaw while talking.
  • Repeatedly clenching fists while talking.

If you see these symptoms in children from childhood, then try to eliminate the child’s speech problem at home. Because if it is big it can cause problems.

stuttering home remedies

There are several home remedies for stuttering that will help us. Stuttering is not a disease, but when it reaches extreme levels, it becomes a serious disorder. Know some home remedies to get rid of the stuttering problem –

1) Curing Stuttering with Green Coriander


Green coriander – one spoon
Amlaki dry – one spoon.

What to do?
Amalaki’s should be mixed well with Buz Dhan.
Every day this mixture should be used in cooking or salad.
If you can keep this mixture on the food list for 21 days, the problem of stuttering will reduce a lot.

How does it work?

The ingredients in green curry help in reducing speech problems. As a result, the problem of stuttering when speaking is eliminated.

2) Remedy for stuttering with pepper


Pepper – seven pieces
Almonds – seven pieces
Nicy small – ten pieces.

How to use it?

These three ingredients of pepper, almonds, and candy should be powdered well in a mixer. Now fill it in a bowl. It should be taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach with one spoonful. Use it for at least one month.

3) Remedy stuttering with Amal

stuttering home remedies


Raw Amla – one.

How to use it?

Wash one raw amla every day and chew it slowly and eat it after breakfast. This should be done continuously for one month. It is an effective remedy for both children and adults.

How will it work?

If one raw amla is eaten daily, it helps to eliminate the problem of stuttering.

4) Remedy stuttering with cow ghee


Cow ghee – In Quantity.

How to use it?

Try to include direct ghee in your daily diet. Eat daily ghee with rice or curry.

How will it work?

Ghee helps improve the brain and memory. As a result, the nerves are activated and speech problems are eliminated.

5) Eliminate the stuttering problem with Brahmi oil


Brahmi oil – In quantity.

How to use it?

Brahmi oil is one of the most effective ingredients for stuttering. Take a quantity of oil, warm it slightly and massage it well on the head. Then leave it for 30 minutes. Then take a bath with warm water. You can also apply this oil to your scalp at night and wash it off after waking up the next morning. It will be more beneficial.

How will it work?

It helps to increase brain power. As a result, if the brain is activated, the problem of speaking will be eliminated.

can stuttering be cured? (What Is Stuttering)

A doctor should be consulted if a child has a speech impediment after the age of five or if an adult has a speech impediment. Because this problem can be eliminated through proper speech therapy. There are also several symptoms that should be taken to a doctor if you notice them– (4)

  1. If the child or person does not say any words while speaking due to fear of pronunciation.
  2. Abnormal body movements while speaking.
  3. Repeating a word or sentence all at once.
  4. A strained expression on the person’s face while speaking.
  5. You can also take children to a doctor if they feel abnormal in the way they speak while giving a speech.
  6. If the voice in children is short while speaking in some cases then you can take it to the doctor.

Because stuttering is not a serious problem. However, it can be treated with proper speech therapy. But if not treated at the right time, it later takes the form of a major disorder.

When Meet Doctor?

There are different treatments to solve the problem of stuttering in children to adults. In this case, the methods help to make the child feel more comfortable and instill confidence. Among the treatments that are available to cure the problem of stuttering are:-(5)

  1. Parental Predominance: For a child who has been facing the problem of gradual stuttering since learning to speak, parents should practice speaking slowly with him to overcome this problem. The child should be taught not to blame him for his speech. His mistakes should be corrected. When someone stutters, he should be corrected.
  2. Modification: This is where the child or person with stuttering needs to help reduce the shyness or fear of speaking and increase their confidence.
  3. Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy can be used to treat stuttering in adults. These therapies help in eliminating the problem of stuttering by reducing any thoughts or anxiety. Because sometimes stuttering problem occurs while speaking when there is too much thought or anxiety.
  4. Feedback device: This method involves listening to a person’s speech pattern and telling them how to clarify their pronunciation by slowing down. Through this device, one can speak normally by reducing the problem of stuttering.

Exercises to Stuttering Practice Sentences

This stuttering problem can be eliminated in both children and adults with several exercises. Exercises strengthen the lungs, trachea, tongue, lips, and jaws in addition to improving speech. These exercises help reduce the problem of stuttering as well as reduce its severity in many cases. Here we discuss some exercises that are effective for both children and adults –

Exercises to Stuttering Practice Sentences
  1. Stuttering Practice Sentences: When pronouncing any word like I, A, or E, you should practice pronouncing these words aloud.
  2. Teaching to stop: People who suffer from stuttering problems do not understand when to stop when speaking, so they need to be taught how to stop.
  3. Jaw Technique: This technique involves making the child try to open the jaw as much as possible to speak. Try to do this habit well. Ask the child to move the tongue towards the palm and touch the palm to speak. In this case, ask him to pull the tongue towards the palm and keep it in that position for a few seconds. Then take the tongue out of the mouth and try to bring it down to the lips. This practice every night can give good results. Basically, the English j and o sounds should be pronounced.
  4. Straw Technique: As we drink water or cold drinks through a straw. This is how the practice should be done. Drink water through a straw every day. This will result in movement of the tongue and stuttering in speaking.
  5. Try to hold your breath: Ask the child to hold your breath for a few seconds and let it out slowly. In this process, the muscles of the tongue will be tensed, thereby eliminating the stuttering of speech.

Apart from these exercises, you can do any kind of facial exercise. They will help to eliminate the problem of stuttering. Besides standing in front of the mirror and talking to yourself properly, reading aloud, and doing breathing exercises, the problem of stuttering will disappear by itself.

Food list for stammering problem

Basically, food has no problem with the stammering problem. However, if all these problems occur, it is better to keep glucose-like food or excessive sugar-like food away from the food list. It is also better to avoid any sensational food, such as fast food, or overly spicy food.

If the problem of stuttering occurs, nutritious food should be kept in the diet. Such as vegetables, fruits, milk, and eggs. These are mainly due to the problem of malnutrition, if the development of the brain is not proper if the development of the nerves is not proper, this problem occurs.

how to prevent the stuttering problem

  • Practice speaking slowly.
  • Special words that are difficult to pronounce should be replaced by other words.
  • Anxiety or worry should be reduced while speaking.
  • Mental control should be improved.
how to prevent the stuttering problem
  • Treatment should be continued with speech therapy.
  • It should be observed that the lips do not tremble while speaking.
  • Take a deep breath before speaking.
  • Practice speaking slowly while standing in front of the mirror.
  • If the problem of stuttering is very severe then proper medication and treatment should be done.
  • Of course, the children or persons suffering from stuttering problems should be listened to by the people in the house.
  • Care should be taken while speaking so that the words can be spoken completely.
  • There should be no pressure to make speech difficult.
  • Make yourself more confident about what to say.

Today’s article discusses an important topic in detail. Because many of us suffer from this problem. Stuttering is not a disease, it is a speech problem. This can be remedied by the people of the house. So, before anything goes too far, let the family members cooperate so that this speech order can be brought under control. Also, follow various methods which are discussed in today’s article. Stay healthy, stay well. Don’t forget to let us know how you are doing with the home remedies.


What is the difference between stuttering and stammering?

There is no difference in that sense between stuttering and stammering. But to put it in a word, by stuttering we mean stopping while speaking, and stuttering means repeating the same words over and over again.

Can stuttering be cured?

This problem is seen in children in childhood but gradually recovers later.

Is stuttering a handicap?

No, stuttering is not a handicap. It is only a speech disorder.

How to stop stuttering forever?

It is possible to stop stuttering by speaking slowly, standing in front of a mirror, and practicing speaking.

How do I stop my baby from stuttering?

This problem occurs from the age of two to five years after the child learns to speak. Later time decreases on its own. So don’t try to turn it off separately.

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