What Is Appendicitis? How To Get Rid Of It Without Surgery!

What Is Appendicitis: Appendicitis causes, symptoms, tests, operations, homeopathic treatment, or remedies are detailed in this episode. The large intestine of the human body is hollow like a tube. The cecum is the first of the three parts of the large intestine. A small finger-like growth with this caecum is the appendix. And its inflammation is called appendicitis. It can be both acute and chronic.

What Is Appendicitis

The appendix is ​​an important organ that harbors beneficial bacteria that aid in our digestion. When our stomach is completely cleansed due to diarrhea or any other reason and all the beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion is destroyed, the beneficial bacteria from the appendix revive our digestive process. You can also think of the appendix as a haven for beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion.

But allopathic doctors will tell you it is a useless organ. So in any problem with the appendix, they cut it off. Because there is no permanent treatment for appendicitis in allopathy.

[But rest assured, there are fast effective homeopathic remedies for appendicitis. You should also know that Allah has not created any part of the human body in vain.]

Appendicitis Causes

If food, feces, or worms accidentally enter the appendix, there is a lack of blood and nutrients. The attack of various germs causes various symptoms in that part. This is called appendicitis.

Appendicitis Types

Appendicitis can be classified into three types based on location. namely-

Inflammatory conditions: Constipation, excessive fish-meat diet, feces in the appendix, pieces of fish, pieces of small bones, etc., cause this kind of inflammation.

Ulcerated condition: In this condition, there is ulceration or perforation inside the appendix. It causes terrible burning pain.

Decomposing condition: This is the most dangerous condition. It destroys the tip of the appendage as a whole. In this, the cecum and some parts of the small intestine are involved together, creating a partial or total blockage of the intestinal tract.

Appendicitis Signs and symptoms

Appendicitis Signs and symptoms

The main symptom of appendicitis is pain. The pain usually starts around the navel, then gradually moves to the right and settles on the right side of the lower abdomen. Applying pressure on this area makes the pain worse. The pain is worse when the pressure is suddenly released. Even if you cough, there is a pain in that place. There is nausea, sometimes vomiting, accompanied by fever. Cough and constipation may also occur.

appendicitis treatment without surgery

As I said earlier, there is no treatment for appendicitis in allopathy, so they cut the organ by surgery. It also has no permanent homeopathy cure. But without any kind of surgery, you can recover from this problem in no time with proper homeopathy treatment.

appendicitis treatment without surgery

But what you need to be careful about is that failure to select a competent homeopathic doctor can lead to null results. Most of the homeopathy doctors in the light of the repertory include some homeopathy medicines such as Belladonna, Iris Tenax, Arnica Mont, Plumbum Met, Echinacea, Ferrum Phos, Lycopodium ( Lycopodium), Lachesis, etc. tried unsuccessfully to cure appendicitis. Although these medicines provide some relief to the patient, they fail to cure appendicitis. That is, even if you give relief in the beginning after a few days the problem appears again.

So to get rid of the appendicitis problem select a skilled and registered homeopathy doctor who can give a proper homeopathy treatment taking into account the patient’s current condition, life philosophy, and family history. Remember, the proper application of just one homeopathy medicine selected by a skilled homeopathy doctor can completely eradicate the problem of appendicitis. Not only this, but after applying for the medicine all the symptoms the patient started to subside and the patient saw amazing improvement.

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