What Causes Silent Heart Attack? How Much Is Responsible For Fast Food Fat And Salt?

What Causes Silent Heart Attack: Over the last 1 year, many people have used the newly popular food apps Swiggy and Zomato. And through this app only 1 crore 12 lakh orders of Singara, Biryani orders are made 2 tons every second…

What Causes Silent Heart Attack

In the last year, biryani has been ordered every second. In the last year, Singara orders have been 1 crore 12 lakhs. 20 lakhs of cheese dip sold last year. Statistics show that a lot of people have used the newly popular food apps Swiggy and Zomato in the last 1 year. The above foods are high in saturated fat.

What Causes Silent Heart Attack

Foods that are high in saturated fat and excess salt cause ‘silent heart attacks. One of the recent deaths that have stunned us is that of Suman Srivastava, who was just 32 years old. Sudden action-induced cardiac arrest. He died before being taken to the hospital. 40-year-old Siddharth Shukla, 49-year-old Raj Kaushal, and 53-year-old KK—all these deaths have left us stunned. In each case, the question arises: Why did they die of a heart attack at such a young age?

Not only are the stars of the entertainment world but there are also many famous people around us, who have died of stroke or heart attack at a very young age. Everyone says the same thing every time, ‘It’s not the age to leave. Seemingly all seem fit. However, many people do not find the answer, ‘to why they have to suffer from heart disease. Statistics show that the number of deaths due to heart disease has increased in India in the last few years. By 2030, most deaths due to heart disease will occur in this country.

Heart Problem: All The Signs That You Know You Are Suffering From Heart Disease

Why is the incidence of heart attack and stroke increasing among young people?

In an interview recently published in India Today, Delhi doctor Ankur Verma made an important comment on this matter. Dr. Verma started his speech by raising a question about fitness. In his words, “Everyone thinks I am young. I fit in every way. I have no comparison in fitness. Meanwhile, no regular health check-up was done during the year. So how do they call themselves fit? We ourselves do not know exactly what is happening with the body until we go to the doctor or get the necessary blood tests done.”

Dr. Verma blamed junk food as the main culprit behind the increase in the incidence of heart disease among young people in our country today. Statistics show that a lot of people have used the newly popular food apps Swiggy and Zomato in the last 1 year. And how much Singhara, Biryani, and Cheese Dip has been sold through these two apps in the last year, that calculation is given at the beginning of this report.

Eating fast food that is high in saturated fat, and salt—which is the cause of ‘silent heart attack’—day after day reduces the supply of oxygenated blood to the heart, increasing the amount of saturated fat. Blood cholesterol also increases. At the same time, Dr. Verma said, in all cases, the first symptom of heart attack is not pain in the left side of the chest. Profuse sweating, difficulty breathing, nausea, and body discomfort—are also symptoms of a heart attack.

Diet and lifestyle changes are the first steps to preventing heart attacks in young people. Packaged food, refined sugar, processed food, alcohol, and smoking should be completely avoided. A healthy lifestyle can prevent heart disease at an early age.

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