Weekly Horoscope: Whose stress will increase? How will spend the whole week? Check the weekly lagna results

Aries Lagna

Stress will increase with any interaction with parents. Relationship with wife will improve. Expenses for child’s education may increase. Any additional costs will be considered. Increase in cost of treatment for any bodily injury. You can master your eloquence. Disturbance in action despite great enthusiasm. A sudden income can surprise. Spending money to satisfy hobbies. Legal trouble. Any stress on the body can lead to injury at work. Chest and back pain may increase.

Taurus lagna

Very good news for business. But the financial pressure may be a little. Debt negotiation. The addition of a distant guest to the house. There will be worry about the father’s body. Taking legal action in respect of property. This week excess talk can lead to danger. Police may face problems while earning extra money. Increased abdominal pain. You can get rid of old diseases. Business will improve with own experience. Arrears may be collected. There is a connection between children and mental pollution.

Gemini lagna

According to love predictions, this week will improve the harmony between you and your loved one. Due to the improvement of mutual harmony, you will be successful in removing all the problems that come in your sacred relationship and this will give you the opportunity to spend beautiful time with your lover. Married people will forget all the troubles at work this week, as soon as they come home. Because at this time the smiling face of your child or spouse will be very effective in relieving you of stress.

Cancer lagna

Singles this week may blindly trust anyone looking for love. Due to which later they will have to cheat. In such cases, you are advised to use your brain in the field of romance and love during this period. This week you may get some adverse results in your married life. But it should be understood that running away from bad situations is not their solution.

Leo lagna

This week, your mind will be cheerful, but there is a possibility of some previous disagreements with your loved ones, even if you don’t want them. During this time, you may find that you have a little more trouble understanding your partner’s point of view than usual. Ignoring your wife’s small wishes and things, may cause problems in your married life this week. In this way, you can save yourself from many types of stress by taking their words seriously.

Kanya lagna

That many times you start expecting everyone else to behave like you, thinking that you are better. And you will be seen doing something similar this week too, in your love affairs. Which can make your lover angry and it can lead to useless arguments between the two of you. This week can be the most difficult period in the life of many married natives. Because at this time, especially married people who are thinking of extending their married life, they will face many problems.

Tula lagna

This week, those born under this sign who have been untouched by feelings of love may find someone special this time. In this case, given a little more time, you just have to let positive thoughts enter your mind. Memories of the beautiful days just before marriage can refresh your married life this week. Memories of your flirting, backsliding and expressing your love for your partner will help bring you closer, creating warmth between the two of you.

Scorpio lagna

This period will be very good and it will bring happiness in your love life. Because the auspicious placement of planets during this period can be said to be an ideal placement for your love life. Some married natives of this zodiac sign will get a chance to hang out with their wives this week, which will bring newness to the relationship. You can also go to a religious place with your wife during this time.

Sagittarius lagna

Those in love this week will be able to communicate openly with their lover as Venus is present in your seventh house as lord of sixth and eleventh houses. Due to this you will also understand that these things will work to dissolve the juice in your love and your beloved will make your heart happy with his sweet words during this period and this period will be the time of progress of your love. The intoxicating bliss of married life will cloud your heart and mind this week. Which is why you find yourself in your partner’s arms whenever you get time. During this time, both of you will communicate openly with each other and inform your partner about your life situation.

Makar lagna

A sudden change in your romantic mood this week can make you very sad and upset. So while controlling your emotions don’t lose yourself too much in emotions, otherwise it can have a negative impact in various areas of your life. Due to adverse circumstances in married life this week, you may be attracted to people of the opposite sex other than your spouse in search of mental and emotional happiness. However, you are advised not to do this. Otherwise your married life may be affected.

Aquarius lagna

If you and your lover live in different cities, with Venus in the fifth house this week, you may find the two of you interacting with each other more than usual on phone or other social media. During this time you will miss each other and you may feel very incomplete without your partner. This week you will succeed in improving your relationship with your in-laws. It will also make your partner look very happy. Also, you will have happiness in your married life as your respect in in-laws increases.


You are often embarrassed to lose a loved one, but this week you are advised not to be generous about it. Because at this time you have to understand that sometimes losing your lover is not a trivial matter, the beauty of your love. This week, due to the aspect of your in-laws, you may have a dispute with your wife due to Rahu occupying the second house. However, by the end of the week, that debate seemed to be coming to an end. So keep calm, wait for good time.

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