Weekly Horoscope 6th February To 12 February – Best Weekly Astrology

Weekly Horoscope 6th February To 12 February

Weekly Horoscope 6th February To 12 February

Aries: Good in action and business; Will gradually improve. There may be new jobs. Big business quotes are not impossible. Good times for IT and home defense workers, doctors, writers, there will be promotion. There is money to be made. Particularly auspicious in higher education and medical research. Stomach, spondylitis, and rheumatic problems. Happy marriage 7 Indifference to the memory of past events. Good deeds in Devakarya. Receivable.

Taurus: Fear of wind, sugar increase, and rheumatism. The success of politicians and the victory of enemies; Social reputation for sweet words and usage. Significant progress and respect for science and technologists. Settle the dispute with the relatives without compromising. The success of the child’s actions. There are also new job opportunities. Action will bring success. There are financial receivables. There will be knowledge and religious activities.

Weekly Horoscope 6th February To 12 February

Gemini: Provides funds for the purchase or renovation of real estate. Air and rheumatic problems will increase. Good times for journalists, lawyers, accountants, etc. Promotion, expansion of work, and reputation will increase. Mutual relations will improve. Emotional instability will go away. Politicians are frustrated and the enemy grows. Disgrace can also occur. The financial side is good. Spiritual satisfaction in worship.

Cancer: Trouble using a loved one. Complications in relationships with friends. Rapid progress in business by taking appropriate action. Success and reputation in creative work 6 Favorable time for teachers, professors, writers, and businessmen. Success in philosophy and criminology research and higher education. Mental tension will increase. Problems of chest, mucus, and arthritis will increase. There will be stress about marriage.

Leo: Physical caution is needed; There are also injuries. You can be humiliated by the marriage of a loved one. You can be disrespectful if you do not control your words and behavior. Cold head situation – handle. Action will be a success and the enemy will be victorious. Gaining confidence is not impossible. Marriage can be stressful. There will be a business. There is money to be made. Spiritual improvement in religious activities.

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Virgo: Literature or sports may come at the state or national level. Success in science education and competitive exams. Action will increase enemy victory, special success and increase one’s power; It can also be a compliment to the superior. Business prosperity will increase. Coldness in relationship with wife-child. There are physical problems and falls.

Libra: Good week to drug and fancy traders, artists. Improving work and business leads to success. There will be emotional tension and instability. Due to his own actions, he is disgraced by his loved ones. Stomach, lower back pain, and caution are required. Marital goodwill will be maintained. It will be well paid.

Scorpio: Progress in work and business will be amazing. Big amount of money profits yog. You can be in danger if you try to earn more in a crooked way. There is a possibility of departmental transfer in action. Fire, electricity requires special care. Chest and mucous may cause body aches. Thinking for the child. Coolness in marriage. Peace of mind in worshiping God. Success and reputation in higher education and research. Happy time to the doctors and defense personnel.

Weekly Horoscope 6th February To 12 February

Sagittarius: Progress in action amidst obstacles in action. Business is conventional. It is difficult to keep track of income and expenditure. Success in defense and space research. The couple will have a good relationship. Real estate is available for purchase. Get employment in a reputed domestic or foreign organization. Victory in legal disputes over money. Funding for a relative’s wedding. Reading the scriptures and thinking about God.

Capricorn: Do not let the quarrel between husband and wife escalate. Settle it soon, then peace will return to the world. Leave laziness at work. Stay away from any controversy. The business has made remarkable progress since September. Big quotes can also come. There will be lots of money. Success and improvement in the work of transport traders, miners, printing and book traders, and mechanics. The enemy will grow. Lack of caution in eating can be embarrassing. Goodness will increase in the worship of the beloved deity.

Aquarius: Disagreements with parents over the property. There will be delays in success in business and work. The elders are disrespectful to the violent behavior of the family. It is better not to invest too much in business growth right now. Mental instability and apathy will increase. Don’t make sudden decisions. The health of oneself and one’s wife may not improve. The injury is strong. There are blessings.

Pisces: From Tuesday, the business will gradually be free of obstacles. Anything big can happen. Good times for lawyers, doctors, bank insurers, and scientists. Concerns about the child’s future will increase. Marital life will be cut short. It will make sense. There is a need for caution in movement and health. In any case, walking on a crooked path can be dangerous. The mind will become restless and restless.

Weekly Horoscope 6th February To 12 February

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