Weekly Horoscope 20 February 2022 – Best Weekly Astrology Predictions

Weekly Horoscope 20 February 2022 Aries: Good deeds. Can get employment in reputed organizations at home and abroad. Business success is amazing. Throat and rheumatic problems and injuries. He is especially careful when driving. Costs will increase. Increased anger and disrespect for rude behavior. Satisfaction in the worship of God. Financial transactions can be damaged by the intelligence of a particular friend.

Weekly Horoscope 20 February 2022

Weekly Horoscope Taurus: Notable work success of scientists and technologists. Child success in higher education. Work and business will continue. Happy time to the painting and acting artists. The drug business will continue to prosper. Pain in the throat, teeth, eye problems, and rheumatic pains. The marital relationship will be cut short. There will be religious activities. Maybe pilgrimage. Do not invest financially at risk. Beware of friendly enemies.

Weekly Horoscope Gemini: Work and business relatively professional career earning money will be better. Lack of body happiness due to stomach problems, sugar, and pressure imbalance. Happy students; Progress in science and astrology. The marital relationship will continue. The wife’s money is for the acquisition of property. Crisis relief on the advice of a special person. The purpose and purpose of marriage.

Weekly Horoscope Cancer: Success in public welfare work and public relations work of politicians; Increase social popularity and influence. Recession in the partnership business, fear of unrest. Refrain from investing in shares or speculation. Barriers to work and business will be cut. There is money to be made. The mind will not want to sit in study. Increased mucus rage. Manamalinya about marriage. There will be religious activities. Travel barriers.

Weekly Horoscope Leo: Film Artists and Craftsmen, Professors, Doctors Week. There will be speed in business. Good work May have to take responsibility for extra work. Gaining the trust of higher authorities. Wealth will be abundant. Happiness will be maintained in marriage. There will be knowledge. Success in child education. Embarrassed with stomach and mouth problems. Increased livelihood and devotion to God.  Will grow stronger.

Weekly Horoscope 20 February 2022

Weekly Astrology Predictions Virgo: Rapid progress in action and business. Success in the work of professionals like actors, accountants, writers, etc. Defamation with one’s feet at the instigation of someone. There will be a lot of money. Special success and reputation in higher education and medical research. Unnecessary expenses may increase. The marital relationship will be more or less good. Toothache, sore throat and rheumatism. There will be emotional turmoil. Enemies will be active.

Libra: Success in work, promotion/transfer. The business will progress. Earnings will be better; Lottery, speculation can also be income. Marital happiness will be maintained. God has thoughts and pilgrimages. Lack of extra friendships and self-forgetting success. Physical caution is needed. Settle property disputes through mutual negotiations. He restrained his use.

Scorpio: Mental instability and tension will increase. Bhai-bane manamalinya. Fear of disagreement and transfer with superiors in the workplace Good luck in business. Good time to police and defense personnel, doctors, politicians. Success in higher education and armaments research. Lack of marital goodwill. The wrong decision means 6 Money is very good. There will be worship.

Sagittarius: Liberation from the complexity of action in the present intelligence master plan; Increase reputation and influence in the workplace. Unnecessary expenses. The business will remain good. The week is favorable for banks, insurers, doctors, lawyers. There will be similarities in marriage. Good luck Success and respect in arts and agriculture research. Spiritual peace by paying Atur. There will be instability in the mind. Spirituality in text reading.

Capricorn: Progress in action will be slow. Promotion of books, printing, construction, and transportation of traders and workers. In order to increase the communication in the upper class, the business expansion and influence of the traders will increase Money will be abundant; In multiple sources. Success in child labor. Disagreement with father. There will be pressure on the couple. Good at higher education and research. Health will be more or less good, But caution is needed in old age anger. Good on politicians. There will be religious activities.

Aquarius: Special auspicious time for artists, journalists, professors. Stress in relationships with marital and parents. Action and business will cut good and bad. Mental instability and apathy will increase. Physical dislocation, risk of injury. Caution is needed from fires and chemicals. Love can be romance. There is money to be made. Book reading and Worship are auspicious.

Pisces: You can be in danger by doing wrong things in the workplace. Good work and business will be maintained. The marital relationship will be more or less perfect. The reputation and reputation of judges, professors, various organizations, and IT workers will increase. The financial aspect will be better. Good time students. There may be new jobs. Physical caution is needed. Fall and injury are possible.

Weekly Horoscope 20 February 2022

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