Weekly Astrology From 26 December to 1 January

Weekly Astrology From 26 December to 1 January

Weekly Astrology From 26 December to 1 January

Weekly Astrology Aries: Proud of the child’s remarkable achievements in education. Danger if you follow the advice of a bad friend. Good luck taking special opportunities anytime from Wednesday. There will be progress between action and business barriers. Earnings will accelerate from Thursday. Problems with teeth, throat, and lower extremities. Success in science education and research. The marital relationship will be better. Peace of mind in religious thought and devotion.

Weekly Astrology Taurus: Surprising improvement in business. New business start-up plans. Foreign trade will increase and incomes will increase exponentially. Success and reputation in action. Good time for science and art students. The receipt of money will be huge and fast. Problems with nerves and arthritis can interfere with function. Special success and increase in earnings in the art of dance songs. Husband and wife will have a good relationship. It is better not to travel far. Gain good results from religious deeds.

Weekly Astrology Gemini: Emotional strengthening with the advice and encouragement of a family friend. Success and improvement in work and business with good work planning and management ability. There is money to be made. Favorable time for artists, directors, and athletes. There may be a pain in the nerves and joints. The couple will cut into the soft heat. You can fall and get hurt. Increase social respect for honesty and benevolence. Peace in the scriptures. Can get divine grace.

Weekly Astrology Cancer: A combination of hard work and skill will lead to success and improvement in work and business. Money Flow luck is quite auspicious. Disputes in partnership business. There can be little stress about marriage. There may be opportunities for higher education in reputed institutions. There will be emotional turmoil and excitement. Health precautions are needed. There are injuries to the body. Mental satisfaction in paying Atur. Reputation and praise for social welfare work. There will be religious activities.

Weekly Astrology Leo: Action and business improvement and success by cutting the web of conspiracy with the present intellect and skill. Possibility of fulfilling any special wish. Increase the credibility and administrative capacity of higher authorities. Physical discomfort with stomach and arthritis problems. Good luck to the students of medicine and philosophy. The husband-wife relationship will get better. Fear of sibling opposition to the rebuilding or renovation of ancestral property. There will be devotion.

Weekly Astrology Virgo: Competence is appreciated for efficiency. The effect of departmental responsibility and administrative capacity will gradually increase. Making money from multiple sources. It is difficult to repay the benefactor in business. There may be disagreements in the marriage. Fear of police trouble from controversy. Good times in math, numerology and science research, and sports. Dedication to the work of new creation. There will be worship.

Weekly Astrology From 26 December to 1 January

Weekly Astrology Libra: Significant progress in work and business. However, there is a risk of recession and conflict in the partnership business. Happy time to actors, painters, and sculptors. Money is very good. You will get the reputation of elegant words and sweet use. Success in literature, art, and culture. The husband-wife relationship will be sweet. Increased heart weakness, sugar, and arthritis problems. Satisfaction with spiritual thoughts and chanting.

Weekly Astrology Scorpio: Preserve the honor of self and family with present intelligence and courageous steps. Increases spiritual strength to release mental weakness. Fear of loss by a friend. Rapid improvement and success in work and business. There will be lots of money. Obstacles to learning will gradually decrease. There may be new jobs. The importance of marriage will remain. Increased reputation and popularity in the social sphere with restrained speech and behavior. There will be religious activities. Travel can be dangerous.

Weekly Astrology Sagittarius: Promotion and progress will be maintained. There will be a business success. Assuming high-level administrative responsibilities. And unexpected success. Significant progress in higher education and research. Money can be made from multiple sources. Emphasis must be placed on stopping waste. There will be good relations and peace in the world. The attention of higher authorities to fearlessness and outspokenness. Mental instability and aggravation. Increase self-confidence in reading books and dev karma.

Weekly Astrology Capricorn: Excessive conservative mindset embarrassment outside the house. Prosperity in multiple sources. Increased engagement with work and business. Promotion of work, expansion of activities. Tactically, with the enemy’s fight. The renewal of the new contract prolongs the career. Self-use can put pressure on a couple. Lack of body comfort due to nerve and sugar problems. Higher education can lead to travel abroad. The excitement in mind. Good fruit in religion.

Weekly Astrology Aquarius: Achieving success and reputation in work and business through skill and hard work. Action will be free from September. Gaining the trust of higher authorities and taking on new responsibilities. There are financial receivables. It is not impossible to disagree with the elders. Aturke financing. There will be obstacles in education. Love and marriage are honeyed. There is travel. Refrain from making hasty decisions. Unexpected opportunities may come in the art of dance drama. Rheumatoid arthritis is a growing problem.

Weekly Astrology Pisces: Promotion and business success will continue. Praise and respect in social work. It is better not to invest too much in business now. Less money can come from unexpected per share, speculation, or lottery. Success and achievement in competitive exams. There will be money. Marital stress. Travel exists. Loss by friends. Obstacles to religious activities.

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