Weekly Astrology From 09 January To 15 January – Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Astrology From 09 January To 15 January

Weekly Astrology from 09 January to 15 January

Weekly Astrology Aries: Improvement in work and progress in the business. There will be foreign trade. Good times for writers, lawyers, doctors, sellers of agricultural products. Dhanagam yagati shubho. Throat, rectal problems, and risk of infection with bacterial infections. There are injuries. Disagreements about marital, unrest. Good on higher education. The danger in travel and pleasure festivals. The coolness with friends / loved ones.

Taurus: Focus on health; Anger will increase in old age, chest and throat infections can be embarrassing. Mental concern for the child’s health. Good work and business will be maintained. Business with foreign countries will be better. Earnings will increase. There will be marital happiness. There can be legal complications in purchasing a property. Mental instability will increase. Social/religious occasions may be disrespected by the family. There will be religious activities.

Gemini: Success and improvement in creative work. Good time professionals. Increase public relations and reputation of social politicians. Progress in business barriers. Distress and future thoughts on the child’s behavior. Release the complexity of the house with the present intellect and strategy. Money will not be bad. Costs will increase. It is better not to do risky work. Chest, stomach problems, and old age may increase anger. The mind is always restless.

Cancer: Chest, throat infections, varicose veins, and body injuries. Success in higher education medical research. Work and business will be uninterrupted and gain momentum from Thursday. There may be employed. Unwittingly benefiting a loved one can also bring disrepute. Reputation in social charity. Fear of marital unrest. Strong increase in unpleasant sentences and usage. There will be worship.

Leo: The pressure and responsibility of action will increase. Recognition and reputation of performance skills. Business prosperity will increase from Tuesday; Improvement and progress will be fast. Earnings will be wiped out. Mental satisfaction in the success of the child’s work. Husband-wife relationship is kind of good; Worldly prosperity will increase. Go cold and decide. There are throat, chest, and stomach problems and injuries. Invest in a confirmed receipt. Good time politicians.

Weekly Horoscope (Weekly Astrology Forecast)

Virgo: Focus on health; There is pain and suffering. Develop talent in creative work and receive appreciation. Action and business progress. Happy time to artists, writers, politicians. There may be new employment or organizational changes. Coolness about husband and wife. Increase communication with the multiplier and gain direction for future action. Progress of students of accounting and science. Reading the scriptures and increasing devotion to God.

Libra: Chest, stomach, rheumatic problems, and risk of bacterial infections. The body may be injured. There will be special prosperity, improvement, and expansion in work and business. But keep the money without investing too much in the business. The enemy will grow out of the house. Dhanagam yoga is especially auspicious. Complications in relationships with family. Future pilgrimage plans. Politicians will increase social respect and popularity.

Scorpio: Health will not improve. Concerns about the body of the husband/child also increase. There are injuries. Notable success in action. Adding special improvements to the business. Money can make sense. The husband-wife relationship will be good. Sudden expenses. The success of physicians, politicians, chemists. Peace of mind in devotion. Be restrained in words and usage. Good time in higher education.

Sagittarius: Remarkable success in action. The business will progress. Financing will be better. Moving more than once with action. Success and respect in higher education in philosophy and art. In order to increase the influence at the administrative level. Home construction or renovation work may begin. The couple will have a good relationship. Funding for social work. Stomach, chest, and arthritis problems will increase. Reading the scriptures and increasing the spiritual consciousness in the mind.

Capricorn: Surprising success in work and business due to his perseverance and skill. It is better not to invest too much money in a very ambitious business. Avoid risky activities. Mental spirit in the child’s remarkable success in higher education and research. Disagreement with someone on trivial matters, unrest. Lots of money will be received. Health precautions are needed. There is a fall. Travel can be dangerous. The mind will be attracted to religion.

Aquarius: Popularity will increase in politics. Stress can lead to poor health. There is also a risk of injury and fractures. There will be an improvement even if there are obstacles in work and business. Success will come. The enemy will be active in the workplace. Money will be better. But there is also a waste of money. The marriage will be kind of good. Gain emotional satisfaction with religion and virtue. Obstacles to learning.

Pisces: Business success and improvement. The pace of improvement may slow down somewhat from Thursday. Unnecessary disputes, controversies, fear of disrespect in unpleasant words, and behavior in the workplace. Good luck. The danger of unjust money income in high profit. Chest, stomach, and throat infections. From the weekend Marital stress will be reduced. Good time doctors, lawyers. Obstacles to home improvement initiatives. There will be religious activities.

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