Weekly Astrology For 11 December to 17 December

New Week Astrology

Weekly Astrology For Aries: You can get tremendous success, recognition, and praise for your skills and perseverance in the workplace. Family disputes can be resolved. There will be money. Good time lawyer. More or less happiness in married life. Higher education opportunities may come. There may be benefits. Good day: 11, 12, 16

Weekly Astrology For Taurus: Good for actors, especially chemical traders. The use of special loved ones can be difficult to remember. Financial momentum will be maintained. Sore throat. Promotion and transfer of administrative staff. Happy marriage. Disrespect from the opposite sex. Maybe pilgrimage. Good day: 14, 16, 17

Weekly Astrology For Gemini: Work with a cool head and sweet words. Reputation at work and business advancement. Alternative work can be found. Will make money. Notoriety and heartache in the immoral actions of the child. Marital pressure on land, household. Fear of loss by friends. Participate in religious activities and travel closely. Good day: 11, 13, 16

Weekly Astrology For Cancer: Success in philosophy and science research. Increase success and impact in the work of voluntary organizations. Fear of wrong decisions and actions due to ambition. Waste will increase. Construction or renovation of the new house. There will be harmony in married life. Chest, stomach, sinus problems increase. Obstacles to religious work. Good day: 12, 13 14

Weekly Astrology For Leo: Stomach problems, increased body sugar, and body aches due to stress. Good time for medical studies. There may be departmental changes with promotion. Good business. Financial speed is satisfactory. Sweet relationship in married life, peace in the home. Could travel nearby. Mental anxiety can increase suddenly. Good day: 11, 12, 16

New Week Astrology

Weekly Astrology

Weekly Astrology For Virgo: You can get a job in a reputed company abroad. Business progress. Success will continue. Good luck getting paid. Emotional instability and mental turmoil outside the home. Embarrassed by stress and arthritis pain. The wife’s body may not be good. Enjoy reading the scriptures. Good day: 14, 16, 17

Weekly Astrology For Libra: Mental instability will increase due to ambition. Interruption of work. Solve family problems through compromise. There can be misunderstandings about marriage. Shakra will remain active, good luck to the artists and writers. Lack of body comfort due to stomach and joint problems. Job seekers can get good sales or quotes in the business. Good day: 11, 13, 17

Weekly Astrology For Scorpio: Minerals, building traders, politicians, and police security guards. Fear of suffering from various physical problems. Promotion of work and increase of responsibilities. Will earn money. Risky work can be dangerous. There will be worship. Good day: 12, 13, 14

Weekly Astrology For Sagittarius: Information technology, multinational corporations, politicians, and businessmen will be the most successful. It is not impossible to get a job in a reputed company. The financial sector is good. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I tell you. Progress of students in trade and numerology. Happy marriage. Body health will remain good. Good day: 11, 12, 16

Weekly Astrology For Capricorn: Success and recognition in the workplace. Benefits of Jewelry and Vehicle Dealers 7 You may suddenly become ill. Decreasing emotional tension. The spirits of the daughter’s success. Fear of mother’s health. The joyous festival at home is terrific. Education increases immunity. Good day: 14, 16, 17

Weekly Astrology For Aquarius: Trade business, good for employees. But investing in a business right now is not a good idea. Saina, buying metal in silver will increase profit in the future. You can get any good news about the child. Emotional tension and instability will increase. The pressure on the householder has increased. Risk of physical injury. Good day: 11, 13, 17

Weekly Astrology For Pisces: Higher education, special success in research. Satisfaction with financial services. Jobs and business will continue to improve. Good luck getting the money. There may be new jobs. Beware of any clashes, fear of police trouble. Coolness about marriage. Good day: 12, 13, 14

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