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Weekly Astrology February 27th to March 5th | Weekly Astrology For Taurus | Weekly Astrology For Scorpio| Astrology Weekly Chart | Weekly Horoscope |

Weekly Astrology February 27th to March 5th For Aries: Significant student success in science and art. Spiritual peace in worshiping God and reading scriptures. Progress in action and business. The success, responsibilities, and financial income of the professionals will be the highest. Expansion of business activities and establishment of new business establishments is also not impossible. Increased anger in old age like spondylitis, arthritis, etc.

astrology weekly chart

Weekly Astrology For Taurus: Try to work harder with restrained words and polite behavior. Business with foreign countries will expand. The opportunity for a big action can be missed. Progress in art and science research. There may be disagreements with higher authorities in the workplace. The marriage will be cut in soft heat. Problems with teeth, eyes, throat can be embarrassing. Popularity, social influence, and power will increase in politics. Financing is good.

Weekly Astrology For Gemini

astrology weekly chart

Gradual improvement in marital and family relationships. Gain special origins in law, science, and commerce The golden opportunity to buy land and real estate can come. Good time professionals. There will be action and business. There is Dhangam Jaig. Nerve, spondylitis, and stomach problems. Emotional tension and instability will increase. Mental turmoil due to enmity of neighbors. There will be religious activities.

Weekly Astrology For Cancer: There will be barriers to work and business; The barrier will be cut from Tuesday. Good luck. Good at agricultural and medical research. The improvement in the traders of agricultural products and water products is the greatest. Always be careful about the body; Stomach and mucus rage. Success and achievement in competitive exams. There will be a good relationship with the child even if there is stress about marriage.

Weekly Astrology For Leo

The pressure of action will increase. There will be enemies. Good relations with the higher authorities. Exaggeration and unpleasant truth. The enemy will grow. Don’t indulge in emotional turmoil and nightmares. You may not get proper use from the child. Business, especially the pharmaceutical business, will improve rapidly. Lack of fruit in the laziness of education. Financial aspects and marital relations will be better.

Weekly Astrology February 27th to March 5th

Weekly Astrology For Virgo: Action will be free; Success will come. Happy week to all office workers, lawyers, writers, and athletes including IT. Earn lots of money. Loved ones can be hostile. There may be employed in a good organization. Stay away from other people’s troubles wisely. Pain in teeth, throat, and arthritis. Joy in love, coolness in marriage. Spirituality in religion and literature.

Weekly Astrology For Libra: Excessive secrecy and cunning can lead to disrespect. Even if there is a good marital relationship, the wife’s body may not get better. Embarrassed by the son-in-law’s actions. Lottery etc. can increase income from unexpected fields. Lack of pleasure in old age. Action. He will be in business; However, the speed will decrease. Good luck to the cowherds, artists, writers. Progress in learning barriers.

Weekly Astrology For Scorpio

weekly astrology for scorpio

The business will improve. You can also get big quotes. However, there may be labor disputes. There will be an increase in arrogance and a lot of money in arrogant behavior and harsh words. Fear of marriage in action. Be careful as there is a risk of accident from the vehicle. Reputation and promotion for the heroism of defense and police personnel. Health will not improve. You could be in danger if you try to manipulate your finances.

Weekly Astrology For Sagittarius: Foresight, present intellect, restrained behavior and speed increase, and success. Obstacles to the work of politicians. Good time to high-ranking employees, doctors, writers. Good luck. The mind will be attracted to reading books and religious activities. The couple will have a good relationship. Your efforts will be successful in family disputes. The legal victory in a financial or property case. There will be education.

Weekly Astrology For Capricorn: Work in moderation. Good time traders. Progress in the expansion of work and establishment of new business 7 It is not impossible to get new big quotes and honors. There may be employed at home or abroad. Good time students. Success in politics. Marital mobility. Be careful about your health. Good fruit in the worship of the beloved deity. There will be emotional turmoil and excitement.

Weekly Astrology For Aquarius: Emotions can interfere with work. Be careful with financial transactions. There are job opportunities in multinational companies or equivalent reputed organizations. Receipts will gradually increase from Tuesday. Caution is needed from fire, gas, and chemicals. Good job, work, and business. The marital relationship will be better. Increased migration due to physical problems. The mind will go to religious deeds.

Weekly Astrology For Pisces: Being influenced by someone can cause financial loss. There is fear of accidents and fire. There will be action and business and goodwill will increase from Wednesday. Head, eyes, stomach, and chest problems lack body comfort. The marital relationship will continue. Happy time to lawyers, teachers, professors, bank staff. Money will be income. You will be in danger if you try to earn more in a crooked way.

Weekly Astrology February 27th to March 5th

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