Wednesday remedies: child careless in studies? Want good marks in exams? Worship Ganesh like this

There is a problem in studies. If you are not getting good marks or are afraid of not getting good marks in the exam then don’t worry. Worship Lord Ganapati with all your heart. Lord Ganapati is the god of knowledge. Those who remember Him with devotion and heart, all their desires are fulfilled.

In traditional religion, Wednesday is dedicated to Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. Ganpati is first worshiped in traditional religion. Any auspicious and religious ritual begins with the worship of Ganapati. If there is any problem in life or any obstacle in education, Ganapati Bappa gets rid of it. Children should study by worshiping Ganapati before studying. Never neglect your studies. Pay attention and study with true heart. Get full blessings of Ganapati.

Astrology mentions some measures on Wednesday, which are blessed by Bappa. Intelligence is sharpened and success comes in all fields. On Wednesday morning before sunrise first take five handfuls of mung and swirl it on your head. After that, tell God your wish and let the twigs flow in the flowing water. Remedying it improves the economic condition of the person.

Perform pooja regularly in front of Lord Ganapati idol. Offer Modak or Laddu. If possible visit the nearest Ganesha temple and visit the Lord.

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