‘Warm moment’ in the White House, Kamala Harris’s husband’s lips on the lips of Biden’s wife!

US President Joe Biden delivered the annual State of the Union address. Before his speech was over, a strange incident happened in the White House. Suddenly, the husband of US Vice President Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris Husband) and First Lady Jill Biden (Jill Biden) are seen kissing on the lips. They are seen kissing each other by putting their lips on the lips while greeting each other. The video of that moment went viral on the internet. Which instantly went viral. There was an uproar over the incident.

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Notably, the Democratic Party is under quite a bit of pressure after losing its majority in the US House of Representatives. While giving a speech on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Joe Biden brought up this topic and gave a message of unity. But, Joe Biden’s statement is overshadowed by the case of Jill Biden and Kamala Harris Husband. Their lip lock moment in front of the camera caught everyone’s attention. Their kissing scene has gone viral. During the session of the House of Representatives, the session room was filled to the brim. Biden’s wife and Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff were present in the audience. Suddenly they got up and came closer to each other. They kiss each other on the lips while exchanging greetings. Everyone was shocked to see that. Many people started commenting on the moment of the kiss which went viral on Twitter. Various memes have already been created. And because of this, US President Joe Biden’s speech on Capitol Hill has practically faded. The kissing scene of the president’s wife has come up in practice.

Incidentally, in today’s speech, President Joe Biden called on the politically divided US Congress to unite. He highlighted the success and failure of America in terms of economy, education, health, employment, foreign policy. Emphasized on the implementation of education policy. Talks about raising teachers in public schools. The President also raised questions about police reform and indiscriminate firing. Biden has also joined the Taiwan issue. “Chinese President Xi Jinping has made it clear that Washington wants competition with Beijing but no conflict,” he said.

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