Viral Rahul-Rukma Picture With Parth-Closer Monalisa! How Did You Know, Came The Reply

Viral Rahul-Rukma Picture With Parth-Closer Monalisa: For now, there are two names in the news, discussion, and practice. A Trinamool former Education Minister Partha Chatterjee. Another person, Arpita Mukherjee, is a close friend of his. But there is another name involved in the Parth-Arpita case. And she is Mona Lisa Das.

Viral Rahul-Rukma Picture With Parth-Closer Monalisa

She is a professor of Bengal. Now a picture of Rahul and Rukma with the Mona Lisa has gone viral. How did these two actors recognize Mona Lisa, that is the question that is now revolving in everyone’s mind?

Viral Rahul-Rukma Picture With Parth-Closer Monalisa

In the viral picture, Rahul and Rukma are seen standing in a casual look. Mona Lisa in between. Both the actors opened up about this film. As Rukma said, she does not know this woman personally. Once met at a house party in the industry. That’s where the picture was taken.

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Same tone in Rahul’s voice. He said they met at a friend’s house. He took this picture there. The actor then added that they meet many people every day due to work. Take pictures with them. But it is not possible to know how many houses and flats!

Incidentally, apart from Arpita, this Mona Lisa is also close to Parth. Kazi Nazrul is a Bengali teacher at Islam University. Lives in Santiniketan. Allegedly, due to his closeness with Partha Chatterjee, he owns at least 10 flats in Santiniketan. He also travels to Bangladesh regularly.

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