Vedanta And Madhavan Are Getting More Attention Than Necessary!

Vedanta And Madhavan Are Getting More Attention Than Necessary: Actor A Madhavan’s son Vedanta has been endlessly discussed in the media in the last few months. No more practice or why! This star son is making the country proud in the field of sports. Vedanta has made the country shine in several international swimming competitions.

Vedanta And Madhavan Are Getting More Attention Than Necessary

The ‘Rocketry The Namby Effect’ actor is proud of his son’s success as a father. But the worry is not increasing. He regrets talking about his son more than necessary.

Vedanta And Madhavan Are Getting More Attention

The actor told Hindustan Times, ‘I am really happy with the success of Vedanta. But he is getting more attention than he deserves. He has won only a few competitions at the international level. There are many swimmers of his age in India who are better than him. Their achievements should be equally celebrated’.

National level swimmer Vedanta is only 16 now! Vedanta broke the national record and won gold in the 48th National Junior Championship. He then won a silver medal at the Danish Open at the international level. Madhavan clarified that Vedanta knows very well that his father is an actor and that there is a lot of talk about him in the media. But Vedanta, confident father, Madhavan will not deviate from his focus. He said, ‘The boy is working hard with his head down. Training, focusing on his goals, watching his diet as an athlete, we are there for the boy as much as we can.’

So that his son can become an international-level swimmer, Madhavan left India and settled in Dubai. He said frankly, ‘He has to work hard. He has a long way to go. Success comes with many responsibilities, the actor is trying to make sure that the boy understands them properly. The actor will try not to commit the mistakes he has made in his life, he said.

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