Vastu tips for home: If you want happiness and prosperity in your home, don’t keep this thing near the kitchen or dining table

Even if you work hard in life, money does not come home. Expenses kept mounting and family strife was on the rise. In such a situation, the broom should be looked at first. Keeping a broom near the kitchen or dining table stops the flow of money. If the broom is not laid down, disputes arise.

Brooms should never be kept where crops and foodstuffs are kept. Mother Lakshmi got angry at this. At home, money and money quarrels started. Even while buying a broom from the market, one should take care of the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. It is considered auspicious to buy it on Saturday of the week. Old brooms should not be thrown here and there.

If family members are going out for auspicious work, they should not sweep after leaving. It is believed that the person who does this faces failure. It should also be remembered that sweeping should never be done after sunset i.e. evening. Doing so is a waste of money. In many parts of North India it is believed that brooms should never be kept outside the house or on the roof.

There is a risk of theft. A small broom should be hung behind the main door to seek the blessings of Maa Lakshmi. By doing this you will never run out of money at home. Also, a cow or any other animal should not be killed with a broom. Always keep the broom clean and never wet. Old brooms should be buried in a secluded place or underground.

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