Vastu Tips: Are these things happening in your home? Isn’t something bad going to happen?

According to Jyotish if these events happen in your house for some time then you become alert. If they do, your problem may increase. Can rob you of your night’s sleep.

Sometimes things happen in our house which never happened before. These can affect our lives. According to Vastu, these are called inauspicious signs. Which God gives us to forewarn. Like being tied to any job, cat crying, hair falling everywhere. Suddenly feel bad.

These are signs that something bad could happen to you–

Withering of tulsi plant: Tulsi tree has special importance in Hinduism. Tulsi plant is a symbol of Maa Lakshmi, there is no shortage of money in a house where Tulsi plant is fresh. But if you see tulsi plant dying in your house then evil energy has entered your house.

Frequent breaking of mirrors: Broken glass at home is a common occurrence but it is a danger if it happens every day. This could be a sign of bad consequences for your relationship.

lost gold: Gold symbolizes abundance. If the gold is lost, it is very bad. In this you have to assume that financial problems are coming to your home.

cat cry: The cry of a cat is considered inauspicious in various scriptures. So if you hear crying in or around your home, be careful. Maybe it’s a sign of an unpleasant event.

Extinguishing the puja lamp: If the lamp goes out again and again during the puja, there can be a terrible danger. You have to assume that the goddess, the gods have become rude.

God alone can protect us from all dangers, so chanting Gayatri Mantra daily is very auspicious if there is any ominous sign. It is also auspicious to burn camphor at home during Puja in the morning and evening.

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