V day gift is a kidney! The husband gave his wife, two viral pictures on social media

Not a bike, a watch or a gold necklace, the wife gave Valentine’s kidney to Valentine’s Day. 48-year-old husband Tanuj was suffering from diabetes for four years. Since then the fight with one disease after another. Within a few days of diabetes, his kidney deteriorated. Tanuj was suffering from chronic kidney failure. But after covid and high blood pressure problem the situation is more complicated. Then the doctors suggested a kidney transplant. But who will donate such important organs? Then 46-year-old wife Shivani Mittal came forward.

Incidentally, the kidney transplant surgery took place on Tuesday. An expert team led by Dr. Anup Chowdhury and Dr. Harish Pathak performed the surgery on this day. On February 14, Nanavati Max Super Specialty Hospital underwent kidney transplant treatment. Four years of long agony ended on February 14. Shivani is overjoyed to see her husband recover on Valentine’s Day. At the same time, doctors are also full of praise for him. Everyone in the medical team is happy to see the wife coming forward for her husband. In addition to this, he also gave an awareness message to the media about the importance of organ donation. Another doctor, Anup Chowdhury, was happy to see his wife’s selfless sacrifice on this day. He told the media that Anuj’s kidney transplant was tried before. But three times it failed due to various reasons. Due to covid, blood pressure and mild lung fibrosis, a transplant was never possible. This time too, there was a fear that the surgery would fail. Tanuj’s blood pressure was very high at the last moment. But doctor Chowdhury could not help but appreciate the role of his wife in this case. According to her, it is Shivani who pacifies Tanuj. Talked to him for a while. If the blood pressure is normal, the doctors start surgery.

Doctor Harish Pathak said that Shivani not only brought her husband back to life, but also reminded the common people about the importance of organ donation. Doctor Pathak hopes that many people will get inspiration from his work. 25 years of married life of Tanuj and Shivani. The relationship deepened after the kidney transplant. Shivani deals in imitation jewelry. In his words, the operation on February 14 was a coincidence. But my aim was to save my husband. Doctors have helped in this regard. This time, both of us are moving towards healthy living in the future.’

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