Unsolved Mystery Devil’s Tower – A Story Of Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower: The Black Hill region of the state of Wyoming in western America. An ideal place to enjoy natural beauty. Numerous people flock to the foothills every year to hike. As visitors reach the shores of the Billfish River while hiking, all eyes are on a tower-like object.

Devil's Tower

At first glance, it may seem like ancient architecture, made by the indigenous people of this region. As seen in Egypt, Peru, or Scotland. However, when approached, the mistake is broken. The tower was created naturally. It looks a lot like a notched peak.

Why Is It Called Devil’s Tower?

In 185, under the leadership of American Colonel Richard Irving Dodge, scientist and geologist Walter P. Jenny conducted a geological study in the Black Hill area. They had news that there were many gold reserves here. When they reached there, they did not find any gold, but they were fascinated by the beauty of this tower. Dodge described it as one of the most extraordinary peaks in the world. Native Americans called it ‘Lakota Matȟó Thípila’, which means ‘home of bears’ or bear habitat. However, the person who translates the names given to the Native American people mistakenly translates Bad God’s Tower. Colonel Dodge named it ‘Devil’s Tower. This misnomer once became popular worldwide.

Local Storys Of Devil’s Tower

It is said that in order to escape from the bear, the locals got up on a rock, knelt down, and started praying to their great souls. The great spirit hears their prayers and extends the stone to heaven to save them. The bears try to climb to the top. And the bear’s fingernails scratched the shape of the tower.

Devil's Tower

The Cyan Indians tell another story. They say the bears killed everyone except the two girls. The surviving girls return to their homes and tell the boys the story. They learned from their guru that they could only die if they could shoot an arrow under the bear’s feet. The boys cleverly take the bears to the top and the bears think the boys are on top. The bears then make repeated attempts to climb to the top, resulting in more and more grooves on the top. At one point, the boys shot an arrow at the bear’s feet, and the bears fled in fear. This is how this peak originates.

Modern theory

Devil's Tower

With the advancement of science and science fiction, a modern theory about the Devil’s Tower was born. Countless people around the world believe that this tower is the creation of an extraterrestrial force. They thought it was an alien spaceship landing station. In 1997, a filmmaker named Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which further embodied the idea. A movie called ‘Paul’ was made in 2011, which also showed the relationship of aliens with this tower.

Geographical description

Devil’s Tower is located in the US state of Wyoming. It is 265 meters or 768 feet high. Its peak is 5,112 feet above sea level. Geologists believe that this is due to the accumulation of magma or lava. According to them, molten magma accumulates in cracks in the earth’s surface. When the Rocky Mountains erupted under the pressure of the tectonic plate 65 million years ago, this frozen piece of magma came up. After thousands of years, wind and rain erode the surrounding soil and the frozen magma peaks.

Over the decades, Devil’s Tower has become very popular among people. Thousands of people flock here every year for climbing. The tower is named after two movies, so visitors flock here. It is also like enjoying the natural beauty.

Some special information

  • Devil’s Tower is America’s first recognized national monument. On September 24, 1908, President Roosevelt declared it a national monument.
  • In 2005, Native Americans demanded that the peak be renamed. However, their claim was not accepted as many histories are associated with this name.
  • Although this tower is made of volcanic rock, it is not actually a volcano. There are no volcanoes even close by.
  • Many thought it was hollow on the inside. Inside there is a secret military base or alien chamber. However, geologists think that it is not hollow.
  • The top of it is about the height of a football field. However, football cannot be played here because of government restrictions.
  • It is not allowed to reach its peak in June, as many Native American religious ceremonies are held here at that time. In addition, some roads are closed for bird nests in winter.


Q. How much time do you spend at Devils Tower?

A. For the best experience, plan on spending at least half of a day at Devils Tower.

Q. Devils Tower Height?

A. It is 265 meters or 768 feet high. Its peak is 5,112 feet above sea level.

Q. What is the Devils Tower known for?


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