Unknowingly married with the sister! There are also two children, but all are known after a rare disease

New Delhi: Eight years of relationship. first meeting love Then marriage. Then the two-footed child. And the story of life was as natural as five people. Suddenly the wife’s rare disease ruined everything. And what he came to know while donating a kidney to his wife due to that disease, the sky fell in the young man’s head.

Recently, a user reported a strange problem in life on Reddit. He said that his wife suddenly fell seriously ill after the birth of their second child. The doctor said that both the kidneys of his wife have started to fail. He needs a kidney transplant soon.

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But, he did not find a suitable match for his wife’s kidney even after visiting his relatives and friends. Even advertising did not make a profit. Then the man decided that he himself would donate a kidney to his wife. Thus begins the examination.

The doctor let him get his blood HLA (human leukocyte antigen) tissues tested. After the test report came out, the sky fell on his head.

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It can be seen that his and his wife’s DNA structure is very similar. Generally, 50 percent similarity is observed between the DNA of the child and his parents. When the doctor was asked the reason for such a report, he said that maybe the man and his wife were siblings. That is why their DNA structure is so strangely similar.

The young man wrote in his post that he was shocked to hear the words of the doctor. His wife first met him 8 years ago when he was away from home for work in another city. After that their love story continues. But, the report is not false either. He said he wanted to help his wife. But don’t know how to do it.

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