UK Next Prime Minister: Britain’s Next Prime Minister Election On 5 September

UK Next Prime Minister: Boris Johnson’s successor will be chosen on September 5. That is what the ruling Conservative Party in Britain said. The party has indicated that there are currently 11 candidates running for the PM’s job.

UK Next Prime Minister

The 1922 Committee of the Conservative Backbench MP, which is in charge of the election of the next Prime Minister of Boris in Britain, has announced the date of the election on 5 September. Tuesday was the last day to submit nominations for the PM’s job. It is learned that 11 candidates are still in the fray. According to Sir Graham Buddy, head of the committee, they want to make the election of the Prime Minister quick and smooth. The head of the committee also said that the new Prime Minister of Britain will be received on September 5.

The UK Next Prime Minister

How is the Prime Minister of Britain elected? According to the rules, every prime ministerial candidate must get the support of at least 20 MPs from his party. It will take 30 votes to reach the second round. He who gets fewer votes will be dropped from the PM’s post. If there are more than two candidates after the second round, then there will be a few more rounds of voting.

That is what the committee’s joint-executive secretary Bob Blackman said. The first ballot will be held on Wednesday and the second ballot will probably be held on Thursday, he said. The Conservative Party, Britain’s ruling party, currently has 357 MPs. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. That picture is expected to be clear by the end of this week.

According to sources, the names mentioned in the list of prime ministerial candidates in Britain are Lisa Tross, the foreign minister of the Johnson government, and the finance minister, Rishi Sunak, of Indian descent. Another Indian-origin Preeti Patel is also running for the PM’s job. Sajid Javid, of Pakistani descent, is also in the running. Meanwhile, outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has opened his mouth about the election of the next British Prime Minister. He hopes the new prime minister will keep all the promises he made to the British people when he came to power in 2019.

Johnson also assured that he would not stand in the way of the PM election. Johnson said he would remain in office until a new prime minister is elected. Boris Johnson resigned as British prime minister on July 7. Johnson stepped down as prime minister after 50 ministers resigned in anger. The resigning ministers advised Johnson to resign in the interest of the country.

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