TVS iQube Breaking All Records! Sold 4,667 E-Scooters In June

TVS iQube Breaking All Records: Electric vehicles are the future. It seems to be becoming more and more apparent with time. The popularity of TVS’ iCube e-scooter is proof of that. TVS sold 4,669 units of iQube in June 2022 alone.

TVS iQube Breaking All Records

TVS is naturally quite happy with the whole thing. ‘iCube electricity is the highest sales record till date,’ said the company.

TVS iQube Breaking All Records

In fact, the iCube has gained even more popularity since the updated model was released this year. Several new variants have been added to the new model. It has added the option of different battery ranges.

The TVS iCube is currently available in three variants. There are plenty of color options too.

1. TVS iQube

2. TVS iQube S

3. iQube ST

Prices start at Rs 98,654 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

The company’s biggest competitor in this segment was the Ola S1 e-scooter. But the popularity of Ola e-scooters has declined due to multiple fire incidents and preliminary reports. As a result, many are now leaning towards TVS in this segment.

Moreover, iCube’s competition in this range is Bajaj Chetak Electric and Simple One e-scooter. Ether’s e-scooter is also quite popular, but the price is much higher than the iCube.

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