Turkey Earthquake: India will shake like Turkey, Pakistan will also break

Kubloy Banerjee
Like Turkey, large areas of northern India including the capital New Delhi will be in ruins! Pakistan will not be saved. Earthquake may shatter India’s neighbors. The source of the earthquake is somewhere in the heart of the Hindu Kush mountains in the north of Afghanistan. From there, the tremors will spread to Pakistan and India. Not imagination, such is the prediction of Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbits. A few days ago, he announced that there is a danger of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. After his announcement, before 72 hours passed, the two countries were torn apart by intense underground upheaval. Not only did the tremors rise to 7.8 on the Richter scale, Turkey was further shaken by at least 50 aftershocks for three days before the earthquake subsided. One of these aftershocks was only slightly behind the main shock in intensity. The death toll due to nature’s wrath is increasing every day.

Turkey Earthquake Update: Stronger Earthquake Forecast, Turkey Will Be Totally Destroyed This Time?
This is also the case in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India Strong earthquake Frank looks apprehensive. Although he did not mention any specific day or area. “Some changes in the atmosphere are sometimes observed before major earthquakes,” the tweet said. But there are exceptions.’ In the first 20 days of the new year, several areas of northern India, including the capital Delhi, were hit by three mild tremors. So the situation is not very comfortable. But Kharagpur IIT professor and geologist Shankarkumar Nath says, ‘Turkey-Syria is the junction of these three plates – Anatolia, Africa and Arabia. So there is nothing surprising in the occurrence of earthquakes here.’ This geologist says, ‘The place, the specific time and the magnitude of the earthquake – if these three things can be said accurately, then only then it is considered to be an accurate forecast.’ Huggerbits claims that the position of different planets in the solar system plays a major role behind earthquakes. However, Shankarkumar did not want to accept this information – ‘There are various types of plate movement going on underground. These movements cause earthquakes. It does not seem to have anything to do with the position of the planet.’

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