Tsancha Turki, changes in the world map due to the violence of nature

Turkey is on the verge of being virtually wiped out by a series of devastating earthquakes. According to experts, the country has moved three meters due to this disturbance of nature. That is, the geographical position of the country has changed in the last few hours. Some of the geologists say that this earthquake had a big impact on the world map. The whole world is worried about this ‘Turkish dance’ of nature. In this regard, Carlo Doglini, president of Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, said, “The distance between the Anatolian plate and the Arab plate has increased by three meters. The Arabian plate has moved up to three meters in the northeast and southwest.” Experts calculate that this three meters is about 100 miles from the geographical point of view. Turkey lies mainly on the Anatolian Plate. Although southwestern Turkey, which mainly borders Syria, lies on the Arabian plate. As a result, several changes have occurred in the geographical position of Turkey due to repeated earthquakes.

Turkey Earthquake Death Toll: Strong earthquake again on Tuesday morning, 4000 dead in Mritupuri, Turkey
Death is Turkish

Turkey has been experiencing earthquakes since Monday. Turkish-Syrian border shook twice on Tuesday. According to the news so far, more than 5 thousand people have died in Turkey and Syria. Emergency has been declared in Turkey for three months. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared national mourning for the next seven days. He said that 54,000 tents have been arranged in the earthquake-damaged areas. 1 lakh 2 thousand beds have been arranged. 5,000 Disaster Response Force members are carrying out rescue operations.

The Turk is now a dead man. More than 18 thousand people were injured. Many countries of the world have extended a hand of help to this country which is facing extinction. Already, as promised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, relief supplies, disaster response forces and specially trained rescue dogs have been sent. More planes will fly with relief goods in the coming days. They will carry out rescue work in Turkey, Syria, which has been devastated by strong earthquakes one after another. US President Joe Biden is also worried. He called President Erdogan. Biden has promised all kinds of help. He said, “Many people have lost their lives due to the destruction of nature in Turkey and Syria. I am deeply saddened. America is monitoring the situation in Turkey. A monitoring team has been created for this.” Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also sent relief.

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