Troubled by blackheads? Any trick to get rid of this stubborn problem?

Blackheads are one of the many facial skin problems. These stubborn blackheads are a problem all year round. This problem is mainly seen in the nose, both sides of the nose and the snout. Some have less of this problem, some have more. Many get rid of it with the help of home remedies, many go to the parlor again. For those who have less problem with blackheads, this problem can be solved mainly by scrubbing, cleaning or toning. But in many cases, even doing this does not get rid of the problem.

But if you want to get rid of this problem easily, see what to do at home.

Tea tree oil helps to remove blackheads from many skin problems and keeps the skin healthy. Use it when you want to get rid of stubborn blackheads from nose or nostrils. See how to use tea tree oil in any way.

Multani Mati and Tea Tree Oil

Take one spoon of Multani soil and mix it with few drops of tea tree oil. Now mix well with a spoonful of water and apply it on the face. Now apply this mixture on the face and keep it for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Tea Tree Oil Facial Scrub

First steam your face a little hot. After steaming, when the skin becomes soft, mix a spoonful of fine sugar, a spoonful of olive oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil and massage it on the face. Massage well for two to three minutes and wash your face.

Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer

Wash your face thoroughly with warm water first. Then mix a few drops of tea tree oil with the moisturizer you apply and massage it on your face. Apply it well where there are blackheads. and massage. Apply it every night.

Jojoba oil and tea tree oil

Mix a spoonful of jojoba oil with a drop of tea tree oil and apply on the skin. Then massage it well on the face. Then wash your face well with face wash.

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