Tomato Flu in India: New Panic Tomato Flu! 82 Children Are Already Infected In India

Tomato Flu in India: The Lancet singled out Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They said in a report that a new panic is being created with tomato fever between Corona and Monkeypox. So far, 82 cases of this viral infection have been recorded in India, reported ‘To the Lancet Respiratory Journal. They have published a report in this regard.

Tomato Flu in India

Tomato Flu in India: New Panic Tomato Flu

According to that report, the virus was first found in the body of a child under five in Kerala’s Kollam on May 6. Since then it has been growing steadily. Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a concern of many quarters about the tomato flu.

What is this tomato fever?

Tomato fever is a rare viral disease. Side effects of this disease include a red rash, skin irritation, and dehydration. This infection has nothing to do with tomatoes. But because the red rash looks so much like a tomato, the disease has been named tomato flu. So far, tomato flu has been seen in children aged 1-9 years. Adults usually have enough immunity to protect against this virus, experts said.

Humans are dealing with a possible fourth wave of Covid-19, according to a Lancet report. And it is in this situation that tomato fever is gradually spreading among children in Kerala. They have also warned India in this regard.

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