The young woman lost her eyes because of the smartphone! The ophthalmologist shared the terrible incident

Health is related to our small daily habits. But we neglect these very common things. Some bad habits develop, which can cause major health damage over time. A recent Twitter thread by Dr. Sudhir Kumar, a physician in Hyderabad, serves as a reminder of that. The doctor reminded how easily someone can suffer chronic eye damage in the digital age.

In a Twitter thread, Dr. Sudheer said a young woman used to sit in the dark and spend a lot of time on the phone for about a year and a half. And as a result, the 30-year-old woman lost her eyesight. The young woman named Manju sometimes saw something floating in her eyes. Along with intense flashes of light, zigzag patterns in the dark and sometimes loss of vision. He is unable to look at any object. Especially at night when he wakes up suddenly he can’t see anything.

The doctor can understand the reason only by knowing his daily habits. The young woman is suffering from smartphone vision syndrome (SVS). He said that if devices like computers, smartphones or tablets are used regularly over a long period of time, it can cause long-term disability of the eyes. This is called ‘computer vision syndrome’ or ‘digital vision syndrome’.

He said that the patient himself admitted that he used to use the phone regularly for a long time in a dark room. After realizing this, he did not go for any more tests. Didn’t even prescribe any medicine. Khali gave only one suggestion, ‘Reduce the use of smartphones at all for the time being.’

The doctor said that Manju came back to his chamber after about 1 month. This one month he used as little smartphone as possible. And that’s how his vision related problem got over. As a result, there is no doubt that this problem has arisen from the smartphone.

Nowadays, many people look at the smartphone/computer screen for a long time in pursuit of work or addiction. Here are some tips for them:

1. Do not watch the screen in a dark room. The room should have ‘ambient’ lights.

2. Almost all smartphones/computers now have a ‘blue light filter’ option. Be sure to turn it on.

3. Use good quality blue light filter glasses.

4. Take a 4-5 minute break every 30 minutes if working on the computer. At that time, if possible, look at the horizon through a window or balcony.

5. Use any good eye drops with doctor’s advice.

6. Eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat.

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