The United Nations has expressed its anger over the poor relief system in Syria, which has been affected by the terrible earthquake

The United Nations has expressed its anger over the poor relief system after the terrible earthquake in the rebel-held areas of Syria. The Syrian government has been accused of blocking the delivery of relief supplies. Soon after, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reportedly authorized the United Nations to send relief supplies to the region. Ethnic conflict in Syria has been going on for a long time. Currently, the northwestern region of the country is under the control of the opposition of President Bashar al-Assad. On February 6, a terrible earthquake hit the rebel-controlled areas of Syria. But since the Syrian government did not take the necessary steps in the relief and rescue operations in that region, the United Nations expressed strong anger.

Turkey Earthquake Latest News: Crying around the ruins, the death toll in earthquake-ravaged Turkey has reached 21,000.
Martin Griffiths, head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, said the rescue operation in Turkey was nearing its end. But he claimed that North-West Syria has been laxed in the rescue operation. Griffiths estimates that 5.3 million people in Syria could be left homeless by the earthquake. Bashar al-Assad’s government is reeling after UN outrage over relief and rescue operations in rebel-held areas. The government has given permission for UN relief supplies to reach the victims in northwestern Syria. These relief items will be sent through two borders of Turkey. The Syrian government approved the aid, but did not specify a time frame.

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