The Strange Story Of Discovering Gunpowder After Failing To Find Immortality

Discovering Gunpowder: The medieval Indian subcontinent was constantly at war. Indian, Afghan, and Mongol soldiers jumped into battle together with shields. The fate of the masons of India is determined by the clanging of the hard metal of the sword. The pages of the war calendar kept turning, and one war after another began to take place. These wars have played a significant role in shaping the history and civilization of India.

Discovering Gunpowder

Discovering Gunpowder

The political landscape of the subcontinent has changed over and over again based on the results of the Battle of Tarain, the Battle of Panipat, the Battle of Kanauj, the Battle of Palashi, and the Battle of Boxer. At one time weapons meant shields, swords, spears, bows, and arrows. Soldiers fought on horseback or on foot. But once this incident is an exception.

Discovery Of Gunpowder In Ancient China

Gunpowder was invented in China sometime during the first millennium AD. The earliest possible reference to gunpowder appeared in 142 AD during the Eastern Han dynasty when the alchemist Wei Boyang, also known as the “father of alchemy”, wrote about a substance with gunpowder-like properties.

In the first battle of Panipat, the Panipat desert was confronted by the Mughal warriors Babar and Ibrahim Lodi. The army, shields, swords, and archers were at the forefront of the service. But even with a force five times larger, he was defeated by Seba Mughals. There were monsters in the corner. So by what magic did they lose the Lady force? The answer is gunpowder. A new sun appeared in the history of India with the help of destructive magic called Seba Barud. That is the bright sun. Thus in different eras, in different countries, this gunpowder has shaped the fate of civilization.

Discovering Gunpowder

The quest for immortality is said to be ‘necessity is the mother of discovery.

In most cases, the word is true, but in the case of gunpowder, I leave it to the readers to decide. Because the discovery of gunpowder is done without any need. This strange story begins in the ancient Catholic Empire (present-day China). Emperor Wu Di was the ruler of the Han Dynasty of China in 156 BC. He instructed the chemists of his kingdom to discover the diet of immortality. Obeying the orders of the emperor, they started to research.

After working day and night, they discovered a chemical in a combination of sulfur and potassium nitrate, which suddenly exploded and destroyed everything. They think, what is the diet of immortality, three things, a little energy will show it! So they stick to this formula. But gradually they realized that what they had discovered could not be the diet of immortality. On the contrary, if it is a little sideways, Saeja can send it to the place of death.

Discovering Gunpowder

Who Invented Gunpowder In China

In 300 AD, a Chinese scientist named J. Hung recorded the method of preparation of destructive gunpowder in the guise of immortality. He made it from a mixture of sulfur, saltpeter, and coal. The Chinese used to make saltpeter from animal manure in a special way. When gunpowder catches fire, it burns faster and the gas emitted from it occupies a much larger volume. This quickly caused a large explosion.

In the beginning, the Chinese used gunpowder to make fireworks in the sky. Through this, they pray to get rid of evil spirits. It is believed that modern fireworks originated from this Chinese worship. Initially, they were aware of the exact amount and proportions of the gunpowder mix. So its use was limited to worship. In some cases, however, gunpowder was thrown at the enemy, killing him.

Discovering Gunpowder: The gunpowder revolution in China

In the 600s, scientists in the Tang Dynasty began to make gunpowder by mixing ingredients in the right proportions. Then on the occasion of the special day of the emperor, gunpowder was used for the purpose of betting. The idea that gunpowder could be used to win a war took the Chinese two hundred years to come to fruition. In 904, the Chinese made wooden rockets with gunpowder. When it catches fire, it rushes toward the enemy. They also discovered small cannons by inserting stones into the hollow part of the bamboo and setting it on fire with gunpowder.

The Chinese continue to win one war after another with the help of gunpowder. The Chinese emperors have tried their best not to divulge the secret of gunpowder to the whole world. But by the end of the 1100s, gunpowder had spread beyond China.

The Chinese used gunpowder in their war against the Mongols. The Mongols were intrigued by the Chinese weapons of mass destruction. Miguel scientists also began to unravel the mystery of the Chinese weapon. After several years of research, they were able to unravel the mystery of gunpowder. The method originally discovered by the Mongols is thought to later spread throughout the world. In the 13th century, Chinese gunpowder traversed India and the Middle East via the famous Silk Road, entering Europe.

There is disagreement over exactly who smuggled the gunpowder into Europe and for what purpose. According to many, the smugglers smuggled gunpowder back to Europe during the Third Crusade. Back in the country, they called gunpowder the breath of a giant.

According to another, gunpowder was brought to Europe for mining, breaking mountains, and building roads. Ammunition was not used in warfare in Europe before the seventeenth century. Until the discovery of dynamite in the twentieth century, the work of breaking down mountains was carried out by gunpowder. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the name of the person behind this gunpowder smuggling has repeatedly come up in various sources. He is William Rubrak 7 He was an envoy of the Mongol court. With his help, the method of making gunpowder was seized by the Europeans from the Mongol court.

Gunpowder in the Arabian Peninsula In the mid-twelfth century, the Arabs were known to make gunpowder by looking at various manuscripts. To the Arabs, gunpowder was known as Chinese snow. It is thought that gunpowder from the Silk Road reached Arabs during smuggling to Europe. In the fourteenth century, the Arabs made hand cannons using gunpowder. This enabled the Arabs to dominate their opponents in various wars. Although the revolution in the use of cannons was in fact, in the thirteenth century, they did not acquire the skill to use gunpowder.

Second Generation Gunpowder

At one time Europeans noticed various defects in the use of gunpowder. The fine particles of gunpowder in particular ignite very quickly and create excessive pressure on the weapon. So in the fifteenth century, Europeans made some very large grain gunpowder. As can be seen, the combustion of gunpowder can be controlled by increasing the size of the grain. This discovery made it easier to use gunpowder.

Gunpowder Discovery China

At first, the gun was seen as a pocket version of the cannon. As guns became easier to use, there was more variation in the ammunition-dependent forces. Even these guns later completely abolished the use of swords on the battlefield.

By that time, several countries in Europe, including Germany and France, had gained a reputation as manufacturers of high-quality gunpowder. International trade began with this advanced gunpowder. The gunpowder trade enabled it to cross the Atlantic to the United States. After Europe, the next version of gunpowder was made by a US soldier. A soldier named Thomas Rodman developed a type of ammunition whose combustion field is several times larger than before.

The gunpowder discovered on the pretext of immortality is slowly changing the definition of war. Radical changes are taking place in the army in every country, which is still going on. Many famous generals have been able to win the war through the efficient use of Gaelandaj forces. Not to mention General Patton, the commander of World War II. He commented on his gallant forces,

“Whoever won the war, of course, you don’t have to tell them again. You all know, my Gaelanders have won this war.”

This comment shows how the discovery of gunpowder is shaping the history of the world. Until the discovery of alternative readily available weapons, ammunition will always control the battlefield, it can be said with closed eyes.


Why is gunpowder explosive?

Because it burns very rapidly.

Where is saltpeter found?

Saltpeter occurs as crystalline veins in the soil in the Ganges Valley of India and as fluorescence on the soil in parts of Indonesia.

Does gunpowder create fire?

Gunpowder to start a survival fire.

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