The Prime Minister Of Finland: Sana Marin Is Singing And Dancing While Drinking

The Prime Minister Of Finland: Finland’s Prime Minister Sana Marin. Age 36 years. At this age, he managed his country and politics with skillful hands. But recently Sana has been in grave danger! Behind it, there is a video.

The Prime Minister Of Finland: Sana Marin Is Singing And Dancing While Drinking

A personal video of him has gone viral on social media. And as many goals with that video. What’s in that video? If you know, you will be surprised! Many questions will arise because the prime minister or chief minister of the country can no longer live like five ordinary people. As they get Z class benefits, there are many rules.

The Prime Minister Of Finland

What was seen in the video? Sana Marin is seen partying with her friends. Among my friends are several famous stars from Finland. Sana is singing and dancing with them and reading while sitting on the ground! The problem is not with the dance or the song. The opposition has claimed that Sana is a drug addict and should be tested for drugs.

Although Sana herself denied the drug. Said, he was only drinking at that time. But even that did not reduce the controversy at all. At the age of 36, Sana was once the world’s youngest Prime Minister. He never hid his personal life, his party life, and his love for music concerts. It is from this source that the opposition has complained against him earlier, that he goes to music concerts too much.

He should give more attention to work. Although this leader of Finland did not pay much attention to those words. However, he did not escape from this video. A drug test was demanded. Despite denying taking drugs, he was eventually subjected to a drug test. In this incident, the noise started!

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