The price of the bike is over 7 crores! What is in this bike? How loudly or softly

The price of a bike is 9 lakh 35 thousand American dollars. If calculated in Indian money, it will be more than 7 crore 73 lakh rupees. What is this bike? Why so expensive? These questions have been the topic of discussion on the internet for the past few days. Know about this bike.

Rather than calling it a bike, it is appropriate to call it a bicycle in terms of appearance. with oil tank placed horizontally. This bike was made in 1908. Manufacturer Harley-Davidson Company. This type of bike was called a strap tank bike. Records say that no bike has ever been sold at such a price. Recently, this bike was auctioned in Las Vegas, America. And sold there.

It is known that this bike was first made in 1907. After that in 1908 the oil tank was added to it. That is why the year 1908 is considered as the year of its construction.

But why is it so expensive? There are many old bikes. Where is it different? Greg Arnold, head of the motorcycle division of Mecum Auctions of America, answered this question to the media. He said, ‘This bike is unique for many reasons. The reason it’s at the very beginning is that most of its parts are still there. Many old bikes are available. But their various devices are changed. Nothing happened with this bike. That’s why it’s so rare.’

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