The population is decreasing! China will provide free pregnancy treatment

China Population Decreases: China has experienced a massive population decrease in the last six decades. Xi Jinping government’s new plan to increase population. Free medical decisions to encourage conception. The Chinese government has taken a new initiative to increase the population. Decisions on free treatment under the National Insurance Scheme were announced to encourage pregnancy. In January of this year, a data came out that China’s population has decreased after almost six decades. Soon after, Xi Jinping’s government announced this decision to encourage pregnancy. There are fears that the decline in population may affect the Chinese economy. Beijing has therefore signaled the necessary steps to encourage adoption. Meanwhile, China’s Sichuan province issued new guidelines for population increase last January. They have announced to withdraw from the one child policy. Couples in Sichuan province are allowed to have more than one child. At the same time, the administration also withdrew the ban on unmarried couples from having children.

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One of the reasons for China’s population decline is the imposition between 1980 and 2015 One child policy. The policy called for limiting the number of children a couple could have. The government claims that adoption of this policy has helped prevent about 40 crore births. But, as the proportion of the working population begins to decline, Chinese government That policy became a matter of concern. In addition, a sensational report was published in August last year about Chinese women’s reluctance to conceive. of covid According to the report, Chinese women are reluctant to have children. Many people have lost their jobs in China due to the epidemic. As a result, unemployment increases.

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