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Omicron New Variant BF.7 in India: For more than two and a half years, the coronavirus has become another name of fear for the world’s people. How many people have lost their loved ones to this deadly disease? However, in the last few months, the spread of Corona slowed down a little and public life started to return to normal. In the meantime, the coronavirus is showing red eyes again.

Omicron New Variant BF.7 In India

The Omicron New Variant BF.7 In India

Omicron’s most recent sub-variants BF.7 and BA.5.1.7 have been found. A few days ago, the infection of these two sub-variants was detected in a part of China. Among these, the highly infectious BF.7 was found in India. So doctors advise people to be more careful during the festive season.

What is Omicron BF.7?

Omicron’s new sub-variant BF.7 has been found in Mongolia in northwest China. This variant is also known as ‘Omicron spawn’. This variant of Omicron has spread to several other countries, including the United States, Britain, Australia, and Belgium.

What is Omicron BF.7?

Currently, the BF.7 sub-variant has been found in India as well, reports the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre.

According to health experts, the transmissibility of BF.7 and BA.5.1.7 variants of Omicron is many times higher than other species. These two variants are also the main reason for the recent increase in the Covid graph in China.

BA.5.1.7 and BF.7 have the higher transmission capacity

BA.5.1.7 and BF.7 have the higher transmission capacity

According to the researchers, even those who have been infected in the past may not escape the attack of this new sub-variant. In other words, some doctors think that the immune system that develops in the body after taking the corona vaccine or after being infected with Covid, will not be able to prevent this new species. This variant can also infect fully vaccinated individuals.

new omicron variant symptoms

new omicron variant symptoms

The general symptoms of Omicron BF.7 are the same as previous variants like – sore throat, fever, fatigue, cough and runny nose, etc.

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