The Indian NDRF team rescued the baby girl stuck under the rubble for 72 hours

Turkey to death! Dead bodies piled up all around. The responsibility is to find life in the rubble. Even among them, the army is carrying out rescue operations in search of survivors. ‘Dost’ India (Operation Dost) has extended a hand of help to earthquake affected Turkey and Syria (Turkey Syria Earthquake). The Indian Army and Disaster Response Force (NDRF) members have reached Ground Zero one by one. The Indian NDRF team managed to pull out a six-year-old child alive from the rubble in a joint operation with the Turkish rescue team. ‘Miracle Child’ Nasreen is currently undergoing treatment at the Indian Army Hospital in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Turkey Earthquake Death Count: ‘Save Please!’ A cry is coming from inside the rubble
Miracle child Nasreen!

This is like a fairy tale. one after another Earthquake (Turkey Earthquake). Constant aftershocks on him. More than six thousand high-rises collapsed like a house of cards in the blink of an eye turkishin Gaziantep area was the most affected by the earthquake. There, six-year-old Nasreen was buried under a multi-storey building. He was under the rubble for three days. It was the indomitable will to live that kept him alive. There was no food or water. The body was injured. The extreme cold was practically freezing the body. Nasreen’s insistence to live was unwavering in him.

The NDRF rescue team reportedly found Nasreen trapped under the debris. After that, the work of removing the broken parts of the multi-storey building began. After the difficult process, it was possible to bring Nasreen out safely. In GaziantepThe child, a resident of Nurdagi area, was buried under the rubble along with the rest of his family. His mother was also rescued. However, his condition is critical. Nasreen’s leg and hand injuries are also serious. He was admitted to the Indian Army Hospital. Indian doctors are taking care of him there. According to them, Nasreen is a very brave girl. After suffering for three days, he is cooperating with the doctors. He is being given fluids. Nasreen is undergoing necessary medication and psychological treatment. However, the six-year-old child is worried about the rest of the family

Since the disaster Turkey and SyriaMany people are recording the horrors of Turkey and Syria. One such moment is now viral on social media. A seven-year-old girl is seen buried under the rubble. But he is holding on to the rock near his head with one hand to protect his brother. In spite of all the adverse circumstances, the child pleads, “Please save me. Save us. I will be your servant forever.” Hearing this word from the mouth of a seven-year-old child, everyone’s chest burst with pain. This image is circulating on the net. It is known that after being trapped for 17 hours, the girl and her brother were finally rescued. President Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the girl’s bravery by sharing the video.

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