The girl remains under the rubble, the helpless father has only the touch of his frozen hand

Almost everywhere is the void of death, the wail of destruction. The miraculous existence of life may have peeked somewhere. Photos of the earthquake devastation in Turkey are going viral on social media today. There are many videos and images of emptiness going around. A picture from Turkey’s Kahramanmaras province captures the futile frustration and anger of helpless people at nature. The touching picture shows the girl’s limp hand sticking out of the rubble. The rest of his body was buried under a pile of broken bricks and concrete. The wretched father sits by the wreckage holding that frozen, lifeless hand.

The name of the Turkish national seen in this viral picture has been revealed. He is Masood Hanser. Irmak lost her 15-year-old daughter in the earthquake. The apartment they used to live in has collapsed like a house of cards. All the lost Masud now have nothing but the touch of that lifeless hand. Netizens shared the picture all over the world. Some images are associated with any natural disaster. Turkey’s earthquake has also become synonymous with childless Masud’s helpless anger and rage.

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