The father had a child in his womb, the transsexual couple revealed who would be named as his ‘mother’

Kerala’s transformative duo has been in the news for the past few days. Because they recently gave birth to a child. Even before that, their pictures have gone viral on social media. There are many reasons behind it. was born as a male. And as a woman. But regardless of the gender identity of the body at birth, both were mentally different. The first is a woman at heart, the second is a man. Zia and Jahad. They decided to go in the direction of what the mind wants. Take the help of medical science. At last they got what they wanted. All that was left was a wish. giving birth to a child They have shown that too. But he had to work hard for it.

Jahad was born with a female body, but he wanted to be a father. And Zia got a male body. She wanted to be a woman and a mother at the same time. Since Jahad was born with a female body, he also conceived in this case. Their children grew up in her womb. Although he considers himself the father of that child. And Zia was by his side as a mother in this case. But Jahad had to stop hormone therapy during the process. She started it again after giving birth.

But now the question is whose name will be written as the mother in the birth certificate of the child, who will be named as the father?

The couple has found a simple answer to this question. They said that although Jahad has conceived the child, he will be named as the father. As he is a man at heart. And Zia’s name will be as mother. In this regard, they have submitted papers to the office. Many have applauded their decision.

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