The Crocodile Swallowed The 10-year-old Child As He Went Down To Bathe In The Deep Water

The Crocodile Swallowed The 10-year-old Child: It was time to go down to the deep water to bathe in the river. This led to a deadly incident on the Chambal river in Madhya Pradesh. A 10-year-old child died in the crocodile’s stomach. Later, the crocodile got angry with the villagers. The villagers caught the crocodile with sticks, ropes, and nets. He was beaten severely. Excited crowds even tried to rescue the baby by slitting the crocodile’s stomach. Police and wildlife rescue workers arrived at the scene and handled the situation.

The Crocodile Swallowed The 10-year-old Child

The Crocodile Swallowed The 10-year-old Child

The incident took place in the Sheopur area of ​​Madhya Pradesh. According to police and villagers, the local resident went down to bathe in the local Chambal river on Tuesday morning. He swam into the deep water. At that time the crocodile attacked the child. Infected children try to swim quickly. But the huge crocodile pulled the baby back to the deep water from the shore. Then swallow the baby.

Upon hearing the news from the eyewitnesses, the child’s family rushed to the river bank and the whole village collapsed. And the excited crowd caught the crocodile with the help of sticks, ropes, and nets. They dragged it to the shore. Meanwhile, police and wildlife rescue team personnel got the news of the incident. They rushed to the spot. He tried to rescue the crocodile from the villagers. Police and wildlife rescue crews were able to do so on Tuesday afternoon. Although the baby’s family claimed, the baby may have survived, therefore, the crocodile’s stomach had to be cut and he had to be rescued.

Shyam Bir Singh, a local Raghunathpur police officer, said on Tuesday, “The baby was attacked by a crocodile when it went into deep water. According to the villagers, the baby was swallowed by the crocodile. Tensions are building around the incident. The police have taken the necessary steps. ”

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