The court dismissed the case seeking permission to register the live-in relationship

A public interest litigation was filed in the court requesting that a couple in a live-in relationship be allowed to register. However, the Supreme Court dismissed the case. Lawyer Mamata Rani filed this plea last month. He also claimed that multiple rapes and murders were taking place from this live-in relationship. He also referred to the murder of Shraddha Walker. However, the court rejected this application.

However, a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud asked the lawyers whether they wanted to protect the couple or to tell them not to go into this live-in relationship. Meanwhile, it has been informed by the petitioner that their relationship should be registered for their social protection.

Hearing this, the bench of judges said, what will the Center do by registering this live-in relationship? What kind of weird idea is it? If such public interest case is filed, now is the time to be fined. This case was dismissed.

Meanwhile, it was said by the applicant that if the live-in relationship is registered, it will contain correct information. The government will also have accurate information about it. Along with this, it will be easy to know whether there is any criminal record against those who are staying in that relationship, their marital status, etc.

It was claimed by the petitioner that due to getting involved in this kind of relationship, incidents like rape and murder often take place. There are also false cases of multiple rapes. But many times even the court does not have the correct information about this rape. Therefore, the applicant said that it is very necessary to register.

Meanwhile, he also highlighted the horrific incident of Shraddha Walker’s murder. Incidentally, Aftab was in a live-in relationship with Shraddha. But he allegedly killed her and dismembered her. Then put his body in the fridge. Shraddha’s body parts were later scattered in the forest. Aftab even had an affair with another woman when Shraddha’s body was in the fridge. This is also revealed in the investigation. The applicant also mentioned the incident of murder in the court.

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