The argument with the councilor resulted in a terrible outcome, the army jawan was beaten to death by the leader’s team

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: The BJP has been repeatedly insulting the army. An army jawan met a tragic end in an attack by a party leader in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri district. Allegedly, jawan Prabhu (33) working in Jammu and Kashmir was seriously injured in an attack on a DMK councillor. The soldier died in the hospital 6 days after the injury.

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According to district police sources, Prabhu had an argument with DMK councilor Chinnaswamy about washing clothes in a water tank. Prabhu’s brother was seriously injured in that incident. Even after that, the situation did not calm down. The DMK councilor attacked Prabhu and his brother with his gang. Prabhu and his brother were severely beaten by the councillor’s gang. Prabhu was severely injured in the incident on February 8. He was admitted to the hospital. He died last night.

Police initially arrested 6 people in that incident. Later, 3 others including Chinnaswamy were arrested. Chinnaswamy’s men attacked Prabhu and his brother with sticks.

DMK is silent on that incident. But BJP has opened its mouth about it. State BJP chief Annamalai told the media that not even an army soldier is safe in the state. The Chief Minister who is the Home Minister of the state is silent on it.

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