The airport collapsed, the dead body was removed from the rubble! 109 Aftershocks ‘wipe out’ Turks

Turkey Earthquake shook once again. Tuesday’s second and fifth earthquake in Turkey. This country has practically become a place of death. The situation in Syria is dire. The European Seismological Center said Tuesday’s second quake had a magnitude of 5.7. The depth was up to 46 km at the eastern end of Turkey. About 10 cities in Turkey are on the verge of extinction. Many high-rises collapsed like a house of cards. Dead bodies can be seen in a row after removing the rubble. Cities in Turkey where refugees from civil war-torn Syria have taken up residence have suffered the most. Overnight these refugees have lost their roof again.

Turkey Earthquake Death Toll: Strong earthquake again on Tuesday morning, 4000 dead in Mritupuri, Turkey
Airport runway collapsed (Turkey Airport Runway Split)

The only airport in the Turkish Hatay province is now in ruins. A video is doing the rounds on Twitter. Where it is seen, due to the earthquake, the runway of the airport was split into two pieces in the blink of an eye. Due to which air traffic has been completely stopped. The whole world is shaking after seeing the video of that terrible moment. Also several multi-storied houses collapsed like houses of cards. That video has also spread on the netpara. Everyone is getting up.

According to reports so far, the death toll has exceeded 4,800. More than 18 thousand people were injured. The Turk is now a dead man. In such a situation, two more tremors were felt there on Tuesday morning. Many countries of the world have extended a hand of help to this country which is facing extinction. Already, as promised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, relief supplies, disaster response forces and specially trained rescue dogs have been sent. More planes will fly with relief goods in the coming days. They will carry out rescue work in Turkey, Syria, which has been devastated by strong earthquakes one after another. Meanwhile, President Tayyip Erdogan declared seven days of national mourning. US President Joe Biden is also worried. He called President Erdogan. Biden has promised all kinds of help. He said, “Many people have lost their lives due to the destruction of nature in Turkey and Syria. I am deeply saddened. America is monitoring the situation in Turkey. A monitoring team has been created for this.” Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also sent relief.

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