Terrible, strong earthquake hit again, this time Wellington, New Zealand shook

New Delhi: After Syria and Turkey, New Zealand was suddenly shaken by an earthquake Wellington, New Zealand was reported to have been shaken on Wednesday The magnitude of the tremor was 6.1 on the Richter scale The tremor was said to last about 30 seconds As a result, the details of the tremors are not yet known

At 7.38pm local time, the epicenter of the earthquake was reported to be 76km deep, 50km northwest of Paraparaumu. According to earthquake center, it was a strong earthquake Various waves of this tremor were felt all over the country

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However, the extent of the damage is not yet clear The country is already in a severe crisis due to Cyclone Gabriel There is destruction going on The administration is worried because of a sudden tremor felt in it However, the extent of vibration damage is not yet clearly understood

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