Teens urinating to live! 128 hours under the rubble, fighting Turkey-Syria

The Turks are showing how reckless the urge to survive can make people. A young man even drank his own urine to survive. He was stuck under the rubble for about 94 hours. Must survive at any cost. The entire country has been practically wiped out by one earthquake after another. More than six thousand high-rises have collapsed. 10 cities have been exempted. Thousands of corpses are scattered around. Despite this, citizens like Adnan Mohammad Korkut, a teenager in Gaziantep, are fighting to survive.

Girl Rescued From Turkey: Miracle Child! The Indian NDRF team rescued the baby girl stuck under the rubble for 72 hours
Teens drink their own urine to survive

Adnan Mohammad Korkut is a resident of Gaziantep. source of vibration Gaziantep He was buried under a multi-story collapse. A 17-year-old boy was detained for 94 hours. Finally the rescue team arrives. But, he did not let the life force die. He fought with death with the indomitable insistence of living. In Adnan’s words, “I could hear their voices. I called desperately. But there was a fear in my heart, will they listen to me?” Adnan, who was struggling with hunger and thirst, had to drink his own urine to survive. Yet he defied death. “I was vomiting! My pulse was pounding. I also decided in my heart, I have to live.”

Turkish-SyrianA two-month-old miracle child is providing logistics for who lives. A two-month-old child was rescued alive after being buried under the rubble for 128 hours. About 28,000 people have already died in Turkey. Rescuers are searching for life under the rubble. Mikarol happened in Hatay province of Turkey. Earthquake Five days later, this monolith was rescued from the rubble of a multi-storey building. Hearing the rustle of life, a small life came out as soon as the stone was removed. After hearing this story from the mouth of the rescuers, the whole world is saying that this is just magic!

Earthquake affected Turkey stands by India. Foodstuffs, medicines, all medical equipment including ventilators are being sent in so many planes. NDRF, the army’s rescue team is on its way. Army doctors are serving the wounded day and night in the army hospital. ‘Thank you India’, says Turkish-Syrian.

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