Taliban: ‘Haram under Sharia law’, Taliban stop sales of contraceptives

The Taliban has stopped the sale of contraceptive pills in Afghanistan. It has been reported that this step has been taken in accordance with Sharia Law. The Taliban argue that the use of contraceptive pills is considered ‘Haram’ in Sharia law. Officially, however, no guidelines have been issued in this regard. However, Afghanistan’s new rulers have ordered all drug stores in the country to stop selling contraceptive pills. According to the news published in an Afghan news agency called ‘Rukhshana Media’, drug stores in Kabul and Balkh province have stopped selling contraceptive pills after the Fatwa was issued by the Taliban. Former refugee minister Shabnam Nasimi has strongly criticized this decision of the Taliban government. He recently tweeted on this issue. There, Shabnam wrote, “The use of contraceptive pills falls within the human rights of women. It is immoral to take away this right.”

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According to news reports in Afghanistan, The Taliban As soon as the fatwa was issued, the price of contraceptive pills started to increase. It has also been reported that the black market of this medicine has started in several parts of the country. However, it has been reported that the import of this drug has been significantly reduced by the Taliban government. Afghan women demand earlier middle-age Contraceptive pills could be found But it has been canceled by the Taliban government by talking about Sharia law. Originally, women over the age of 35 could get this contraceptive pill. But they had to have children. It is known that these middle-aged women are no longer getting this pill.

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