Table of the explosion of the Swiss Parliament! The jacket is filled with explosives

Plans to blow up parliament by suicide attack. Walking around the streets in front of Parliament wearing explosives-filled vests as planned. As soon as the matter was noticed, the whole city was stunned. The streets of the capital were closed for several hours. In panic, the resident removed the nails from the windows and doors. This incident happened on Tuesday in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The Swiss police are investigating which terrorist group planned this daring suicide attack.

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How to attack parliament table?

According to investigators, the suspect was seen leaving a car in front of Parliament House on Tuesday. He had a strange jacket on. A Bern police official said that ordinary Swiss citizens or tourists do not wear such jackets. As a result, he was noticed by the security forces after getting out of the car. According to the police officer, he returned there shortly after leaving the car. However, instead of going to the car, the person started walking in front of the Parliament House. Despite this, Bern police arrested the person without taking any risk.

Rescue explosives

According to the investigators, explosive materials were found in the victim’s jacket. A holster of firearm was also found in his possession. After detaining the suspect, the Bern police searched his car. In addition to bomb squads, search robots are also used. However, no explosives were found in the vehicle. At that time, traffic was stopped on the busy road in front of the Parliament. The panic was so great that the city of Bern was completely paralyzed for several hours.

Reiki before sabotage?

According to Swiss authorities, a substance found in the victim’s jacket has been sent to a forensic laboratory for testing. Investigators believe the 27-year-old man came to the area to reiki. The Swiss police are sure that his aim was to sabotage the Parliament House. The detainee is being interrogated step by step. Investigators are trying to find out which militant group the person was working for. Besides, the mental health of the detainee is also being looked into. Swiss police claimed the car bomb or suicide attack was planned.

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