Sweet Doodle On Valentine’s Day, Google’s special animation-message

Google made sweet doodles on Valentine’s Day. Google can be seen making doodles on various occasions. Those novel works win the hearts of the netizens. Similarly, the international search company created a doodle on Valentine’s Day. This year’s doodle also has a special message for lovers. A few seconds of doodle shows how many drops of water fall on a blurry screen. Drops fall down the glass. There is a drop in the mind quite sad. Another drop comes on the screen this time. The previous drops suddenly fell at that moment. Then comes another. overlaps with another. That’s what makes the sweet heart symbol. A total of four eyes, two on either side of the heart symbol. A pair of eyes gazes at the other with a hint of sweet love. Write sweet messages along with the doodle on the search engine. Asks the question ‘Rain or Shine, Will You Be Mine?’ That is, ‘Whether it rains or shines, will you be mine?’

All over the world today is specially celebrated among lovers. The two have arranged a special day out for each other from gifts to memories of love. Meanwhile, Google made the romantic day more romantic with their doodles.

It is believed that in ancient England and Rome this period was regarded as the mating season of birds. From that, the date of 14th February got the warmth of love. As the years passed since then, February 14 gradually turned into a special celebration. In the link provided with the doodle, Google writes that since the 17th century, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated on a large scale.

Saint Valentine was the father of the Roman Catholic Church in the third century. He was executed on February 14, 270 BC. Special festivals commemorating him began in Rome in the fifth century. Since then the day is memorable. February 14 gradually became a special day for lovers, connected with the story of St. Valentine.

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